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10 things we learned about Courteney Cox from the ‘Friends’ reunion

“Friends: The Reunion” doesn’t disappoint fans of reliving their favorite moments and hearing untold stories from some of the show’s biggest names, including Courteney Cox. Of Alabama as Master Chef Monica Gellar

And we’ve learned a little more about Monica’s bio, with Cox sharing her favorite episodes and feelings about other aspects of the beloved series during the HBO Max special.

The reunion saw stars Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer (plus special guests) come together to discuss everything from the casting process. The show of love, the release and other memories, A Variety̵

7;s report said, “A source close to the project told Variety last year that each of the six stars will be paid at least 2.5%. Millions of dollars for participating in this special “

“Friends” was one of the highest-rated TV shows during the 10 seasons that aired on NBC from 1994-2004. The series provided a progressive role for Cox, who was born and raised in Birmingham. Ham and built her reputation as an actress. Her character Monica Geller is a neat chef who can be bossy, obsessed, anxious, bizarre, kind and caring – sometimes all at once.

Here are some of the new things we learned about Cox and her character Monica during the “Friends” reunion.

She is Almost Too famous to show (And almost played Rachel)

The show’s creators Marta Kauffman and David Crane said they wanted to hire totally unknown people for all six roles, so Cox’s standout performance in Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark” music video and the sitcom Family Ties. They worried that her casting would make it a “Courteney Cox show”. They said they had a hard time casting Monica, the first time seeing Cox was more like Rachel in “The Courteney Cox Show”. During the audition When she described her personality in line with Monica, the producers agreed, “Courteney brought this incredible joy to the character,” says Kauffman. “Everything Courteney brings to it makes Monica more complete than we intended. In the first place, ”said Crane.

She’s afraid of Marcel.

Before David Schwimmer’s anecdotes reveal his disdain for working with white-headed capuchins, the frightened Cox mutters, “The monkey scares me.” Gellars have apparently in common.

Jennifer Aniston remembers what Cox wore at the first reading of the schedule.

Some performers’ memories seem to be better than others.It’s fitting that the woman who plays fashion expert Rachel will be remembered. (With clear details) what her co-stars wore during their first reading, when they all could feel how the series would begin, while Kudrow wore a “blazer and jeans style”. White hippie with white lace Aniston said Cox wore a “Fred Segal pink babydoll t-shirt with white contrast.”

She hid the script in the scene. (And one of the companions will play a joke on her)

As soon as LeBlanc walked to Monica’s main suite, he looked down at the kitchen table and asked if Cox’s lines were still written on the table. He said one day he deleted them all to play a joke on her, and she wasn’t using them well. “She’s mad at me,” he told Aniston and Cudrow. He also said she kept the script in the sink and inside the apple on the same table. “I have memory problems,” she said. Cox was the fifth person to attend the set by LeB. “It means that!” She told her colleague giggling.

When she likes it is …

“I love people on Thanksgiving, but I do … I love when we trade … when we lose our apartment,” Cox said, referring to episode 12 of “The One with the Embryos”. Of the fourth season, one of The most popular show is “The quizzes are really fun and devastating.”

David Beckham is most personally identified with Monica.

Yes, that International soccer superstar David Beckham appears with an unexpected endorsement. Noticing his time on the road and missing his family, he values ​​”friends” because it makes him smile, “I have to say I like Monica the most because I’m a clean freak.”

Chandler and Monica shouldn’t be together.

The unlikely romance received a shocking response from live studio audiences, with Cox even gagging worth the bloat between the sheets, which she said Perry suggested. But the producers said they weren’t intending to be a couple. “The way the audience responded, we realized there was more and we had to pay attention,” says co-creator Marta Kauffman. So much power that we know we have to explore more of it. ”

She was relieved that Aniston and Schwimmer weren’t really dating.

Aniston and Schwimmer revisited the scene where Rachel and Ross had their first kiss. A moment Cox spoke made her cry when she just watched “The One Where Ross Finds Out.” The tension is very clear. It’s perfect, ”she said. Schwimmer explains that the two are truly at odds. But with respect to each other’s true relationships, they never crossed that line. Cox suggested that if they were dating and later broke up, the chemistry of the show and the actors could suffer, “If you had and it didn’t work, it might not be as good.” It was great. For “Friends” fans

Where is Monica now, according to Cox?

Corden asks where each character will be today. Aniston says Rachel and Ross are married and have children, while LeBlanc suggests Joey open a sandwich shop on Venice Beach, and Phoebe introduces similar “different” children through art school. “I think Monica is really competitive,” said Cox. “Her kids should have graduated already responsible for selling snacks at elementary school and you. [Chandler] Makes me laugh every day “

This might be the last time you will see this group together on your screen.

In the closing hours of the reunion, the cast reflected their moment in the series, with Cox insisting it was even more special as it was likely the last time they would be reunited on television. “We’re not going to do this again in 15 years,” she said. Is this the first and last meeting of a “friend”?

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