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10 Watchlist Guys: Issue 9

Most platforms have a feature where you can click something by player name to put it in a virtual watchlist. It’s good to use this feature before the season starts. because when it started You’ll sort by stats and you might miss the person you want to take on the new role because you sort by PA and he’s not showing up very high.

Danny Santana got a quick call after Wk 8 Watchlist and already had 2 HR and 1 SB in 17 PA.

Shallow League (Mixed League – 10 teams or less)

Ji-Man Choi | 1B, TBR

Choi returned on May 16 and caught fire in his 10 games, hitting .355/.500/.645 with 2 HR in 40 PA and playing almost every day. He hit the top 3 against the right and he still started. With the winger, even though his career .604 OPS with them still says this is more of a platoon bat. A strong side bat remains a streamer in a shallower league. But if you put the CI or DH points together, Choi could be part of the mix. The Rays have seven games in the coming week with two matches against the Lefties, so Choi could be a viable streaming option on this week But at least he got his attention.

Spencer Turnbull | SP, DET

man throwing not hitting But not respected! Turnbull is in 33% of the ESPN league and while his strike rate is relatively low for current standards (21

%), his ratio is excellent with 3.12 ERA and 1.02 WHIP. This year (4 at NYY), thanks in part to his walking rate dropped to 6%, you can certainly find another strikeout to fit Turnbull on your roster.

MEDIUM LEAGUES (Mixed League – 12-14 Teams)

Achill Baddhoo | of IT

Remember Baddoo’s breakout? At this point, it felt like a long time ago because he passed three big streaks. He opened the game with 1.054 OPS in his first 14 games, then posted .290 OPS in the next 12 games, which reduced his season score to .725, and he looked like a quick start as a complete illusion so far. His latest hot streak

In the last 11 games he has OPS 1.043 that combines a new endurance level (29% BB) and contact (25% K). In his first 26 games with both extremely hot and cold streams, he has a 43% K rate. and a 5% BB rate, he doesn’t have a homer in today’s hot streak, but I’ll be using a .375 AVG and 3 SBs in 35 PA. Baddoo’s season improvements put him back on my radar.

Daniel Hudson | P WAS

Brad Hand has never been. not goodBut he remains untouched in a close role (3.44 ERA/1.31 WHIP) and May’s struggling (6.75 ERA/1.72 WHIP) could facilitate the transition if he doesn’t tighten things up. Great in 2019 and he seems to be shutting down for them in 2020 only to drop the 6.10 ERA in 20.7 innings. Thanks largely to the 6 homers he allowed (2.6 HR/9), he looks like the 2019 version again. This year with 1.00 ERA, 0.72 WHIP and 24 strikes in 18 innings, if you’re chasing a record. Hudson is the one to keep an eye on.

DEEP LEAGUES (Mixed League – 15+ Teams)

DJ Stewart | Ball, OF

Summer is coming in Baltimore. (and across the country due to the weather) makes their marginal bats more attractive for homestays in June and July. He consistently powers the right-wing with .232 ISO in 327 PA, as well as 17 HR (31 HR against 600 PA). If you want an AVG, he’s not your guy (.206 vRH at the same time), but chasing power when. You can pay for an AVG sink. He could be a pickup this week for a 6-game homestand with just one lefty starter.

DeMarcus Evans | TEX, RP

Evans is finally able to replace Clase as the Rangers approach – oh wait… sorry, Rangers fans! but actually Imagine if they still had Clase. However, Evans was able to take over for Ian. Kennedy was right when he traded. He debuted last year with 4 strong career opportunities but… I mean, it was 4 innings and this year only 2 more innings. But in that short period of time, he showed his extremely interesting fastball, delivering a K rate of 38%.

The 93 mph speedball isn’t a blazer as we often see from cowsheds today. But 99% active spins give it “life” and make it more problematic for opponents. He has mixed an 87 mph cutter with a heater and slider at 80 mph, giving him three speed levels. He has a 45% K rate in his last four league minor stops while still Gives only 4.1 H/9, BB rate of 14%, needs some improvement to be reliable with 9th innings, even on a bad team. But keep an eye on Evans as trade talks begin in Texas.

When a minor league starts I am converting my AL & NL-Only watchlist into a prospect watchlist. This is because waiver forms are usually drawn quite well in those formats. And almost everyone with the pulse is immediately quoted. Also, I haven’t played in an AL- or NL-Only league this year, so figuring out who’s lineup in those formats is pretty difficult. I think listing four prospects each week would be more helpful in the long run.


Vidal Brujan | SS, TBR (currently in AAA)

Taylor Walls is first and Bruján could be next even before. Wander Franco Bruján has been a huge hit with .325/.416 .636 wires including 7 HR and 9 SB in 89 PA. He has a K/BB ratio of Close to 1:1, with a 16% K rate and a 14% BB rate. He doesn’t have Walls’ gloves, possibly playing a role as Walls’ first player (he still has 166 wRC+ at call), but is ready to spend. When Bruján arrives

Edward Olivares | of KCR (AAA)

I went twice for the AL because Olivares definitely dominated Triple-A too. 390/.472/.662, including 5 HR and 6 SB in 89 PA. Don’t forget he went 18 HR/35 SB at Double-A in 2019. I actually gave Olivares some love in November as a guy. Able to become a top 150 hitter with speed and what I think. full time opportunities in kansas city They continue to sign with OF, but Andrew Benintendy (107) is the only outside player to have a wRC+ above 100.

The future of NL

Travis Swagerty | of PIT (AAA)

Swaggerty almost certainly got his chance in Pittsburgh this summer. He has both defense and speed that make him a true midfielder while his raw power is over 20+ HR at its peak. Eric persuades him to go for the less-predictable Manuel Margot or Leonys Martin in the piece. Pirates Back in February, Swaggerty only shot .220 thanks to .200 BABIP, but he had 3 HR/SB and strong plated skills (17% K, 13% BB) if he woke up within a month. That should be enough to double the rest of the range.

Bailey Falter | P, SP (AAA)

Falter ranks 12th on Philly’s list and Eric thinks there may be breakout potential due to his increased speed and deceptive delivery. The 24-year-old left-hander played well in the Triple-A with a 2.41 ERA and 1.02. WHIP in 18.7 innings with a rate of 36% K and 7% BB. He actually debuted at the end of April. But it’s a one-off appearance, stopping 2 innings before Triple-A begins. Talented pitching can always find a spot in Philadelphia. So if he continues to throw like this They will undoubtedly bring him back with a real chance.

Keep an eye on Vladimir Gutierrez for Cincinnati too. He made his debut on Friday afternoon and it could be interesting if his quick start at Triple-A is any indication (31% K, 2.65 ERA, 0.94 WHIP in 17). IP)

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