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11,000 boxes of ice cream have been recalled for possible metal parts.

More than 11,000 Weis Markets ice cream products have been recalled by the FDA that may have contaminated metal equipment.
“The product may be contaminated with external materials, especially metal packing components,” the company said in a press release, adding that it was concerned that the foreign material could be a choking hazard.

The recall covers 10,869 units of Weis Quality Cookies and Cream Ice Cream 48-ounce containers and 502 3-gallon containers of Klein’s Vanilla Dairy Ice Cream.

One customer report found “Intense metal utensils”

; in a 48-ounce box of cookies and cream, the company said.

48-ounce containers are sold in a total of 197 Weis Markets grocery stores based in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Delaware and West Virginia. They have now been removed from the sale, the company said.

Products for sale by October 21, 2020, located below the containers. Customers who purchased the product can return it for a full refund.

Klein’s large 3-gallon vanilla ice cream was not intended for retail sales.The company was sold to a New York retailer and has since been removed.

Additional ice cream products packaged the same day as the recalled items were stored in warehouse and not distributed, according to the company.

Customers looking for more information can contact Weis customer service, the company said.

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