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15 Times Dolly Parton Said What She Wanted

“I like who I am. So I can make up and get dressed. because I am confident in myself.”


When Dolly is upset and fires her husband when she reveals he wants to have a threesome with Jennifer Aniston.


When she filmed herself getting vaccinated against COVID-19 And sing a funny remix of “Jolene” that really fits the mood.

Watch the full clip here:


When her teenage boyfriend from the US ask her for advice And she has no hesitation in recommending that you always wear a condom.


When Dolly reunites with her 9 to 5 costars Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin at the 2017 Emmys and made a joke about this hilarious vibrator.


When she answers the most searched questions on the Internet about her. and said that her signature look was inspired by “Urban homeless” from her hometown


When she made a dirty joke about Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy during filming takes 9 to 5.


When a stranger gives Dolly a middle finger when she goes sightseeing in London And she immediately turned around.


When she made the most of Dolly jokes about why she didn’t run for president of the United States.


When she took the stage responsibly and supported the Black Lives Matter movement, saying, “Do we think our little white donkey is the only one who matters? No!”

Watch the full clip here:


When she plays Will You Anything on Late Show with James Corden and make jokes about friend that even Jennifer Aniston didn’t notice.


When she interviewed RuPaul in 2020 and shut him down in the funniest way.


when 60 minutes Surprise Dolly with an old clip of her family singing. And she was overwhelmed with emotion. She asked interviewer Morley Safer if he had any whiskey.


When Barbara Walters asked her if she thought she was funny because of her appearance, And she covered her mouth with absolute confidence.


When she made us all laugh and posted the iconic “Jolene” meme on Twitter to promote her merchandise.

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And when you’re not afraid to ridicule yourself when choosing an outfit She was always in front of others before others disrespected her.

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