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16 Wild Hollywood Movie Scene Experiences

Note to myself: I’ve never visited a horror movie set.

From skyscraper-tall gorillas to shark-infested tornadoes. The film industry has certainly brought us a lot of wild stories. However, sometimes the wildest Hollywood stories come from behind the scenes.

Here are 16 of the most brutal experiences the cast and crew had on set:


to get through an eight hour makeup session each day. He had to transform into a character in How the Grinch Stole ChristmasJim Carrey was trained by a man who teaches CIA agents how to endure torture.

Universal Pictures / via youtube.com

on The Graham Norton Showton, he said, “[The makeup application] Like being buried alive every day The first day went back to the trailer. Put your leg through the wall and say [director] Ron Howard, I can’t act in a movie.”


The Tunisian government asked George Lucas to move his sandman off the Libyan border during filming. Star Wars: A New Hope Because Libya mistook it for an armored vehicle and threatened military action.

Lucasfilm / via Disney+

In the film, the Sandcrawlers are not military vehicles at all.


Isla Fisher nearly drowned when her release chain was attached to her dress during a magic scene in Now you see me.

Lionsgate / via youtube.com

on Chelsea latestShe said, “Everyone thought I was doing great…no one really knew I was struggling.”


During the fight scene in Ben-HurA special victim fell into a pool that had previously been dyed blue. And MGM keeps him on the payroll until the dye runs out.

Loew’s, Inc. / via youtube.com

The water in the pool was dyed because the production was not satisfied with the natural opaque brown color of the pond.


most of titanic The cast and crew were poisoned with clam chowder, and PCP was rushed to the hospital at 1 a.m.

Paramount Pictures / via giphy.com

Crew member Marilyn McAvoy told Vice, “As far as I know, no official decision has yet been made. Among the crew was rumored to be a disgruntled chef who was let go. But nothing happened.”


When Benedict Cumberbatch and his friends’ tires Explode on the way back to the way to the ends of the earth They were kidnapped with guns before being left midway.

BBC / via youtube.com

He told the Hollywood reporter that “They were like: ‘Look down! Look down! Put your hands on your head! Look at the ground!’ And they began to mock us and say: ‘Where is your money? Where’s your pill?’ – We smoke a little weed – ‘Where’s your weapon?’ And at that point The adrenaline of fight or flight exploded in my body.”


while Melissa George was filming in a boathouse for The Amityville Horror (2005) The local police came to inform the production that the body of the deceased was found floating nearby.


While filming the Witched Witch of the West, the smoky exit from Munchkinland in Wizard of OzActress Margaret Hamilton injured her hand and face.

Loew’s, Inc. / via youtube.com

After the incident, she said, “I will not sue. Because I know how this business works. and i won’t work again i will go back to work [on] One condition — no more fireworks!”


during filming Emily Rose’s ExorcismJennifer’s Radio Carpenter constantly turns on in the middle of the night and plays on the words “I’m alive” over and over

Screen Gems / via youtube.com

Laura Linney’s radio, her costar, also turned on three times during filming.


The police showed up at the set. motto now in the Philippines and take everyone’s passports after discovering that they used an unidentified corpse bought from a tomb robber as props.

United Artists / via youtube.com

Co-producer Gray Frederickson told The Independent: “They don’t know we didn’t kill these people because the origin of the bodies is unknown. I was pretty worried for a few days. But they knew the truth and put the man in jail.” Instead, the film uses something special.


JoBeth Williams was filming without realizing it. Poltergeistge The scene in the pond was filled with real skeletons because the production was deemed “too expensive” fake.

MGM / via youtube.com

She told TV Land, “I was in the mud and scratching every day for four or five days with skeletons all around me. [as I was] Cry. In my purity and innocence I think these are not really skeletons.”


after occupy The props store building was set on fire, destroying the dybbuk box containing the imitation demon that the movie centered on.

Lionsgate / via youtube.com

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays Clyde, told The Hollywood Reporter: “It has been investigated. and there were no signs of arson. No electric shock.”


while filming the mountain sermon scene in love of jesus christJim Caviezel was struck by lightning.

Icon Productions / via youtube.com

He said, “About four seconds before it happened, it was quiet and it was like someone slapped me in the ear. I had seven or eight seconds, like pink, fuzzy, and people started screaming.”


After discovering that lead actor Malcolm McDowell was afraid of snakes, director Stanley Kubrick introduced the character Basil, a python. orange courtyard.

Warner Bros. / via youtube.com

Malcolm told IGN: “I put that snake in a drawer under my bed. And when I open the drawer to take it out The snake was not there. You’ve never seen an empty room so fast. They, including Kubrick, ran towards it.”


while playing Chewbacca in Star Wars: Return of the JediPeter Mayhew is taken through the Pacific Northwest by sailors dressed in brightly colored vests. In order not to be mistaken for others to think he is Bigfoot and shoot him.

Lucasfilm / via Disney+

He was warned not to leave the set.


Finally, Michael Imperioli smashed the broken glass with his hand. Goodfellas was identified and taken to the hospital. But the emergency room doctor rushed to treat the fake gunshot wound from the scene he was shooting instead.

Warner Bros. / via youtube.com

This happened after he insisted on doing his own stunts on film. which made it the final scene of the movie.

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