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1st overseas trip, Biden certifies allies and meets Putin

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden is set to leave the country for the first time on his term. Ready to confirm the US again on the world stage keep the European allies shaken from his ancestors. and pushing democracy to be merely a bastion of rising forces. of dictatorship

Biden has set bets on his eight-day trip in broad terms. It believes that the West must demonstrate to the public that it can compete economically with China as the world emerges from the coronavirus pandemic.

Biden aims to reassure European capitals that the United States It can be counted as a reliable ally once again in thwarting Moscow̵

7;s invasions both on the Eastern Front and on the Internet battlefield.

The journey is more focused on messaging than on specific actions or deals. And the top priority for Biden, who left on Wednesday for the first stop in Britain, was to convince the world that his administration was not just a fleeting deflection in the trajectory of foreign policy. of America that many allies feared will irrevocably drift the other way. Transaction Trends Under Former President Donald Trump

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said that “this journey will be the fundamental driving force of Joe Biden’s foreign policy” to unite the world’s democracy to meet the greatest challenges of the era. our

Biden’s to-do list is ambitious.

in the face-to-face in Geneva Biden wants to personally pressure Putin to stop his many provocations. Including cybersecurity attacks on American businesses by Russian hackers. The imprisonment of opposition leader Alexei Navalny and repeated attempts to openly by Kremlin meddling in US elections

Biden is also looking to form partnerships in the fight against COVID-19. and urged them to work together on strategies to examine China’s emerging economic and national security rivals, despite the US expressing concern about Europe’s economic links with Moscow. Biden also wanted to push far-flung allies. including Australia Let’s take a more serious commitment to global efforts to control global warming.

The week-plus trip was a huge moment for Biden. who has traveled the world for decades as vice president and chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. and will now step out of Air Force One as Commander in Chief. He will face global leaders still battling the virus and shaken by Trump’s four-year inward foreign policy and moves that have strained long-standing allies in the As the former president approached for strength

“In times of global uncertainty As the world continues to grapple with a century-old plague,” Biden wrote in a Washington Post op-ed previewing his diplomatic efforts. “This journey recognizes America’s new commitment to us. Partners and Partners and demonstrates the ability of democracy to cope with the challenges and deter the threats of this new era.”

The president will travel to Britain for the Group of Seven leaders’ summit, then go to Brussels for a NATO summit and meet EU heads. It came at a time when Europeans lowered their expectations for what they expected from US leadership. on the international stage

Central and Eastern Europeans are desperate to bind the United States. more tightly to keep them safe. Germany is looking to see US troops. keep it there Therefore, there is no need to create your own forces. meanwhile France has taken the approach that the United States Can’t be as reliable as it used to be And the EU must implement a more independent strategy in the future.

Alexander Verchbao, former US ambassador And a former NATO deputy secretary said, “I think the concern is true that Trump’s outlook on the US It might get boring again in the middle of the term or in the next presidential election.”

The order of the trip was deliberate: Biden consulted with Western European allies for almost a week to express solidarity ahead of a summit with Putin.

His first stop on Wednesday will be addressing US troops stationed in Britain. And the next day he will sit down with Prime Minister Boris. England’s Johnson The men will meet a day before the G-7 Summit, which takes place over Cornwall’s sheer cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

The most touching politician, Biden, was annoyed by the change in diplomacy through the zoom of the pandemic. and satisfied with being able to have another face-to-face meeting This allows him to scale and connect with global leaders. while Biden himself was a veteran statesman. Many of the world leaders he would see in England. Including Johnson and French President Emmanuel Macron took office after Biden left the post of vice-president. Another, Germany’s Angela Merkel, will retire later this year.

There are many areas where tensions can arise. On climate change, the US aims to regain credibility after Trump pulls the country back from the fight against global warming. Biden also felt pressure on the trade. Which is an issue that he has not paid much attention to. and with the United States It provides a good vaccine against COVID-19, but also tries to persuade its citizens to use it. Leaders who slow down vaccine campaigns will surely pressure Biden to share the global surplus.

Another hub is China. Biden and other G-7 leaders will announce infrastructure financing programs for developing countries. which aims to compete directly with the project Beijing’s Belt-and-Road Initiative, but not all European powers see China as a decisive light like Biden. who envisioned competing with the techno-security state as the defining race for the 21st century.

The EU has avoided taking a strong stance on Beijing’s crackdown on Hong Kong’s democratic movement or its treatment of Uighur Muslims and other minorities in western Xinjiang province, as the Biden administration may have liked. But there are signs that Europe is willing to examine Beijing more closely.

in March The European Union has imposed sanctions on four Chinese officials involved in human rights violations in Xinjiang. Beijing, in turn, responded with sanctions against several members of the European Parliament and other Europeans. criticizing the Communist Party of China

Biden is also scheduled to meet Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan while in Brussels. It’s a one-on-one meeting between two leaders who have had many bonding moments over the years.

Biden waited until April to call Erdogan for the first time as president. in that call He informed the Turkish leader that he would officially recognize that the killing and deportation of hundreds of thousands of Armenians by Ottoman imperial forces in the early 20th century was a systematic “genocide”. using a term used to refer to the atrocities at his White House. Ancestors have been avoiding for decades over concerns about alienating Turkey.

The end of the trip will be Biden’s meeting with Putin.

Biden has taken a very different approach to Russia than Trump’s friendly dealings. Their only summit The July 2018 event in Helsinki was marked by Trump’s refusal to side with US intelligence agencies. on Putin’s denial of Russian interference in elections two years ago.

Biden may be challenged by unrest at home. As Russia seeks to capitalize on the January 6 Capitol uprising and voting rights debates to undermine US stance. As a global role model, on the other hand, the American president is expected to push Russia to curb global interference.

“Overall, this is not a meeting on outcomes. but a meeting ‘Get to know you again’ for the United States and Europe,” said Richard Haass, chairman of the Council on International Affairs. “It’s about sending a message to Putin. restore old allies and show again that the United States back on the right path.”

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