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20 women accuse ‘Doctor Who’ actor Noel Clarke of sexual misconduct

In a horrific new exhibition by the Guardian, “Doctor Who” and “Kidulthood” performer Noel Clarke is accused of sexual misconduct by 20 women. Show british

The allegations against the actor and executive producer include “sexual harassment, unwanted touching or groping, sexually explicit behavior and comments about scenes of professional misconduct, filming and sharing, and filming and sharing.” Explicit sexually explicit photos and videos and bullying between 2004 and 2019, the newspaper reported.

Earlier this month, BAFTA awarded Clark, 45, with a prestigious award for best British supporting film. The award was reportedly the final straw for many of his accusers, who have made public accusations of abuse of industry power to harass his female colleagues over and over.

Clarke strongly denied the allegations and BAFTA admitted to receiving anonymous tips about the allegations. But confirmed that there was not enough evidence to investigate.

“No direct allegations have been sent to us. The name, time, production date, or any other details have never been mentioned, ”the institute told CNN.“ We are very sad that women feel unable to give a direct witness the way they appear in The Guardian right now… if we get this. We wouldn̵

7;t award it to Noel Clarke. ”

Clarke categorically denied every allegation the Guardian had, allowing him to make inappropriate comments on one of the accusers, who he later said he later apologized for.

“In my 20-year career, I have brought diversity and diversity at the forefront of my work and have never had any complaints about me,” he said in a statement. Uncomfortable or disrespectful, I sincerely apologize. I vehemently deny sexual misconduct or misconduct and intend to defend myself against these false accusations. “

Noel Clarke has denied the allegations and announced he will
Noel Clarke has denied the allegations and announced he will “seek professional help”.
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Representation for Clarke did not immediately return The Post’s request for comment.

The actor also told the Associated Press on Friday that he was “Seek professional help” in a separate statement.

“I angrily deny any sexual or criminal conduct. However, a recent report made it clear to me that some of my actions affect people in ways I inadvertently or realized. For those individuals, I am deeply sorry. I will seek professional help to educate myself and change for the better, ”Clark told the AP.

In response to the Guardian article, the BAFTA released a statement that they “withheld” his honorary award.

“In light of the Guardian piece, which for Bafta has provided a detailed account for the first time, outlining serious allegations of Noel Clarke’s behavior, we have withheld the award and Noel Clarke’s Bafta membership until further notice. Let us know further, ”the statement read.

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