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2020-21 TV Program Ranking Winners and Losers – The Hollywood Reporter

Defined: The 2020-21 TV season, summarized on Wednesday, is not a great season for traditional TV. In the midst of the tragedy and challenge of the epidemic and its ever-changing audience behavior over the years, the average ad-supported store, the Nielsen-rated store, lost its audience. That’s about 17 percent compared to 2019-20 and about 23 percent of the total audience. Audiences in the primary ad demographic that are adults 18-49 years old.

Yep, everything just got worse. Within that context, some shows still have a solid presence. Here are some of the winners and losers for the season with network pictures to follow.

The winner

Equalizer: A. CBS̵

7;s reboot of the 1980s series took second place among all viewership among non-sports programs in Nielsen’s seven-day ratings for the season and was the No. 1 spot in the first-year series. The average audience of 12.36 million was a little helped by the post-Super Bowl premiere. But even when it came out, it still led all of the new faces and ranked in the top 10 on the list (NBC’s Law and Order: Organized Crime And ABC Big sky Is also outstanding in the first year)

Ken Jeong: Singer maskJudge Jeong remains the most popular entertainment program in television programs that aired among adults aged 18-49 (rating 2.0 linked to This is usJay Muay is also the host I can see your voiceIt is ranked one of five new series in demos and so far is one of many. Singer mask Comrades showed Fox has renewed for 2021-22.

Undoing and Mare of Easttown: A. HBO’s high-quality Pulp series both followed similar higher trajectory tracks. Undoing It adds up to every week it airs in the fall and has 13 million cross-platform viewers. big It also saw an increase in viewership every week, with the highest viewership on the first night reaching 2 million across all platforms for the final episode on May 23.

Your honor: A. Likewise, Showtime, starring Brian Cranston, has become the largest limited series ever and has the most-watched debut season of any Showtime originals. It has an average cross-platform audience of well over 7 million.

NCIS and Grey’s Anatomy: A. Two of the main dramas at CBS and ABC are closing at the 18th (NCIS) And 17th (GrayThe season at the top of Nielsen’s rating – where they spent most of their time running. NCIS It’s the most-watched prime-time series other than an NFL franchise, with 12.67 million viewers per episode. Grey’s AnatomyIt is third among all entertainment programs among adults ages 18-49 and second on ABC with 8.23 ​​million viewers.


Awards show: Choose the award-winning television show and the odds that will score the all-time high or the lowest in multiple years this season. The Oscars? The lowest ever a Grammy? Same. Golden Globes? The lowest since the writer’s strike of 2007-2008 turned that year’s show into a star-free press conference. You get the idea The audience ignores the one-on-one rewards from a distance or is greatly scaled down.

Fall Sports Division: The NFL has been unscathed this season, with viewership down a modest 7 percent for the regular season. But events that have changed from outbreaks such as the NBA and the NHL finals, the World Series, the Kentucky Derby and the US Open golf tournament have been affected by a 30 percent drop or so as they were all crowded on the autumn calendar. Fortunately for the league and TV rights holder, things have gotten a bit more stable as the sports calendar has returned to a more normal rhythm.

Setting the corresponding time: Among the many things that the epidemic has been halted. (And far from the show in terms of importance) is the ability of the producers to churn out a number of scripted TV episodes. This is usFor example, it has never aired more than three episodes in a row this season. Young SheldonThe longest run is a seven-week run to close the season. The shooting schedule, especially during the first half of the season, was likely to be a factor in the ratings drop.

The filler falls: Since their regular series can’t begin production in the summer (see above), the broadcast network has struggled to fill their schedule the way they can. In many cases, that means shows that have come from Canada and elsewhere, or the release of network series that previously used streaming services. But there are some exceptions (NBC’s Transplant And CW’s CoronerBoth from Canada), viewers are unlikely to see any of these again, at least not outside of the summer’s coolest season.

Network rank

The year-to-ear decline of the four major broadcast networks is in line with larger trends, with one exception: Fox is becoming more popular for both the entire audience and the average adult 18. -49 segment due to broadcast the Super Bowl in 2020 while CBS has this year.

Although it won’t be the biggest TV broadcast this season. But Fox was still able to maintain the highest-rated network position in the 18-49 demographic with a 1.1 score (an estimated 1.38 million viewers at that age) .CBS, which proclaimed victory for all audiences, was The 12th time in the past 13 seasons in April remained the lead until May and finished the season with a prime time average of 6.26 million, an estimated 900,000 viewers before NBC second place.

Here’s how broadcast networks came together for the season:

Fox NBC CBS ABC Univision Telemundo CW
2020-21 audience (score) 1.381 million (1.1) 1.329 million (1.0) 1.247 million (1.0) 1.184 million (0.9) 505,000 (0.4) 396,000 (0.3) 246,000 (0.2)
Compared to 2019-20 -769,000 (-36%) -361,000 (-21%) -83,000 (-6%) -236,000 (-17%) -101,000 (-17%) -84,000 (-17.5%) -144,000 (-37%)
Total Audience (Millions) CBS NBC ABC Fox Univision Telemundo CW
Average 2020-21 6.26 5.3 4.69 4.22 1.33 1.03 0.85
Compared to 2019-20 -1.3
-1.15 (-18%) -0.7 (-13%) -1.98 (-32%) -0.14 (-9.5%) -0.06 (-5.5%) -0.19 (-18%)

ABC claims that the adults win 18-49 counting only entertainment programs for the second consecutive season.The 0.9 rating excluding sports and news is the same as the overall prime-time average, while Fox (0.8), CBS and NBC ( Both 0.7), which have a larger footprint for sports programs and news – lower than the overall average.

Univision took the lead over Telemundo to top Spanish broadcasters, although the year-over-year decline was slightly larger than Telemundo.

On cable, the presidential election and aftermath helped Fox News (2.95 million viewers), MSNBC (2.15 million) and CNN (1.86 million) secured the top three positions in all viewership during prime time, though. All three audiences have gained some attention in the past few months.MSNBC and CNN have all grown seasonally, while Fox News is down a little 7 percent.

ESPN led cables in the 18-49 year-old group with the same wide margin as in 2019-2020 but 14 percent lower than the previous season. Three of the top seven cable channels in demos – TBS, Fox News and CNN – updated last season. The rise of the 112,000 CNN demonstrations was the largest in any ad-supported TV.

Here are the top seven cable shops for the season.

Audience 2020-21 687,000 404,000 403,000 384,000 339,000 332,000 313,000
Compared to 2019-20 -114,000 (-14%) +4,000 (1%) -63,000 (-14%) +112,000 (41%) +4,000 (+ 1%) -120,000 (-27%) -87,000 (-22%)
Total Audience (Millions) Fox news MSNBC CNN ESPN Hallmark HGTV TBS
Average 2020-21 2.95 2.14 1.86 1.79 1.31 1.3 1.09
Compared to 2019-20 -0.22 (-7%) +0.24 (+ 13%) +0.52 (+ 39%) -0.13
+0.06 (+ 5%) -0.06 (-5%)

Source: Nielsen

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