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2021 Charles Schwab Challenge Leaderboard Score: Jason Kokrak Makes Jordan Spieth Win at Colonial

in modern american games It’s easy to slip into the top 25 or top 30 in the official World Golf Rankings without a major win. You can add the top 10 to various events. Don’t threaten to win and raise both your OWGR and your bank account. Jason Kokrak, who will be in the OWGR top 25 on Monday, has done all of that in the past few years. come But he did something much harder to achieve: he stood up for the best players in the world and Many wins in a single winning tour are surprising.

After clinching the CJ Cup victory last fall, Kokrak did it again at the Charles Schwab Challenge on Sunday in a final matchup against Jordan Spieth. Kokrak̵

7;s game was not impressive. (We’ll get to that), but he’s combined his par 70 for the second time this season (only Bryson DeChambeau and Stewart Cink can speak for 2020-21).

Calling the game between Spieth and Kokrak a brawl is an insult to the brawl. They were 5 and 4 strokes ahead of the rest of the field, respectively. When they started to lift, Data Golf gave them a 4% chance of winning and Spieth or Kokrak had a 96% chance. Then they went out and did their best to lead everything. people come back

Kokrak started on wave 35 but then separated from Spieth with a 4-4-4-2 start at his second nine holes. As with last week’s PGA Championship, as far as Brooks Koepka is concerned, this Forth Worth, Texas crowd isn’t rooted in the Kokrak win, but certainly not rooted in the victory, with a beloved son so close. won the championship for the second time In his last five starts One media member compared it to LeBron James for trying to knock out Stephen Curry at the 2016 NBA Finals.

They both faded stretching Kokrak, bogeys No. 15 and 16, and Spieth did his best to match him. However, the three-time major winner stood on the 17th tee with just one stroke. Minutes later, Spieth told CBS Sports on-field reporter Dottie Pepper that he had nothing. and the statistics show

Kokrak closed the door with a pair of 4s to beat Spieth two, who fired his second shot into the water off the left on the 18th hole. It was an ugly end to an even more ugly day. There was something to be said for the huge gap after 54 holes, as the two scored nine times in total for the remainder of this strong course. Give them space to wiggle to have an ugly day. If we turn 18 holes and this is what they shot on Thursday or Friday instead of Sunday. We’re talking about a great finish to our race.

All this said should not deprive Kokrak of victory, which now places him in the Ryder Cup and enhances his reputation as a strong PGA Tour player. Will he be a Spieth type player or Justin Thomas? No, of course not, but just like Jimmy. As Walker did in the late 30s of the last decade, Kokrak could start to win and possibly even win a major if last fall’s CJ Cup victory was a glimpse. This is a full review.

Although he didn’t make a name for himself with Sunday’s world-class theatrical victory, But Kokrak did something few could do at his age (36) that were worth celebrating. He’s landed an all-time great on a golf course that golfers certainly have in their possession. And he raised the stakes for himself in the process. Expectations for the Kokrak were no longer just the top 10 machines on tour. but is someone who can defeat any player at any time. Grade: A+

Here are the remaining scores for the 2021 Charles Schwab Challenge.

Jordan Spieth (2nd): As mentioned above, Spieth doesn’t do it on Sunday. He followed an incredible 63-66-66 start at the Colonial with 3-over 73 when it mattered most. Spieth opened his fourth round with three bogeys on his first hole. and registered two more rounds of the last four without birdies in the back ninth. Still, he registered in the top five this year. And it’s still the hottest golfer in the world. Grade A

Charlie Hoffman (T3): Here’s Charlie Hoffman’s commendation paragraph. While we’re busy joking about how good he is during Round 1 of the majors, he’s in tears, making it to the last 20 of seven in eight starts. The most recent includes the top two as well. Definitely clear the golf ball now and try to get into the US Open at Torrey Pines.

“There’s only one goal,” he said after shooting 65 on Sunday to enter the top five at the Colonial. “I am playing Muirfield. [Village] Next week, but hopefully this week will be enough to get me into the US Open sitting outside the world rankings. Near my hometown, where I play Torrey Pines, I’m obviously trying to win a golf tournament. But being in the US Open is key.” Grade A

Collins Morikawa (T14): Drop the top 10 with a late par bogey finish. But he did well all week. We talk about this about many golfers on the PGA Tour. But Morikawa might be the ultimate golfer, “if he putts, he wins.” He finished outside the top 50 in the week’s positioning. And his short game isn’t very good either. And he still easily finished in the top 20. He will pick many victories over the course of his career with that formula. Grade: B

Eric Compton (T20): It was a tough Sunday for Compton. They are looking for a top 15 finisher to join this tournament next year or a top 10 finisher to advance to the Palmetto Championship at Congaree two weeks from now. After receiving an invitation from a sponsor this week The two heart transplant recipient narrowly missed both, with 73 in the final falling from T6 to T20. However, he has been disqualified from the PGA Tour for the first time since 2016, which should give him a good chance of a while. as he headed back down to the Corn Ferry Tour. Grade A

Justin Thomas (T40): JT had to work a little more than usual to cut the rounds on Friday after 72 in Round 1. He was particularly bad at hitting the ball. Which was clearly unusual for him and stopped playing enormous iron in the long run. He closed with three bogeys on his last four holes on Sunday. Otherwise, he might salvage a decent place on the leaderboard with a low Sunday. He’s had trouble in the first round for the past few months, taking 73 at the Masters, 75 at the PGA Championship and 2v72 here on Thursday. When the likes of Spieth shot 63 on the first day, it was very difficult to get back into the competition. Grade: C

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