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2021 Fiat 500e passes the Moose test with Flying Colors.

Nearly 300 kg (660 lb) heavier than its combustion engine sibling, the 500e did not show weight in the fearsome moose test. At speeds up to 75 kilometers per hour (47 mph), the Italian EV feels progressive, giving the rider a pretty good sense of control.
Our friends at km77.com also highlight smooth transitions, moderate curl, good suspension adjustments and a well-calibrated electronic stability control. The sense of control and safety remains at higher speeds. But the low-resistance tire, unfortunately, this 500e is equipped with Bridgestone EcoContact 6 tires, which sacrifice environmental traction by improving the car’s fuel economy.

In the slalom, the pint-sized city dwellers felt nimble and the ESC was barely visible, according to the Spanish automotive publication.The only thing km77.com didn̵

7;t like about the 500e was the steering wheel, which didn’t give much comment. Too about what tires are doing

Compared to hydraulic steering, the electric steering feels weird due to the motor mounted on a pole or rack, which causes the road force to be delivered from the front wheels. Porsche is an exception to the 911 models 991 and 992 because the German automaker has a knack for driving.

Launched with great pomp and circumstance last year, the 500e starts at 19,930 euros ($ 23,995), home in Bella Italia and £ 22,995 ($ 31,770) in the UK. Entry level Action trimming comes with 23.8-KWh Weak battery and range in WLTP The mid-range Passion circuit is considered the best option in the line-up, as it offers a driving range of 42 kWh and 320km (199 miles) plus 85-.Kilowatt Fast charge

The first FCA electric car developed on the 500e basis started late in terms of sales Last year, the Italian manufacturer sold about 6,350 cars instead of 15,000, as Fiat initially predicted. Given these worrying numbers, the 500e is expected to get a van option with no rear seats and a stock divider to boost sales.

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