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2021 Jackie Robinson will be celebrated by MLB.

Traditionally, each season since 2004, MLB and Clubs will commemorate Jackie Robinson Day at baseball stadiums across the league on Thursday April 15, the anniversary of Robinson’s historic MLB debut as he breaks down the wall of color. A special day of baseball or a Friday, April 16, is allowed for teams not playing on the customary “holiday” of the regular season to properly commemorate Jackie Robinson’s Day.

Robinson will continue to be remembered for his inspiring career and history, his courage and strength amid the challenges he faced as he broke down baseball̵

7;s colored barrier, his actions as a social supporter. And a civil rights icon and his continued impact on sports and our society. In the looks and fashion that appeal to fans, Jackie Robinson Day will be remembered in the following ways.

The number of ’42’ and the image on the field

?? Number ’42’ – All players, managers, coaches, officials and field personnel will once again wear the Robinson logo. (At least once) in the games on April 15 and April 16.

?? Allied Players Practice TEE Battle – A special paddle t-shirt designed by The Players Alliance and provided by Nike to be worn by players before the game. These shirts are not available at retailers.

?? Logo ’42’ – Will appear on the sleeve, while team-specific fonts and uniform colors are displayed as patches on the hat.The New Era MLB will donate all authorized royalties from the hat sale to the Jackie Robinson Foundation.

?? “Thank you, Jackie.” – MLB Network has released a special video titled “Thank You Jackie”, which will be played at every baseball stadium on Jackie Robinson Day (both April 15 and 16), which show a brief picture of the impact he had. Built as a famous athlete and Champion of social and racial equality This video is featured by former All-Star defender and president of The Players Alliance. Curtis Grande.

?? JACKIE ROBINSON’S CHALLENGE BY EVERFI – As part of the MLB Summer Slugger Clubs program, students can customize the “Jackie Robinson Challenge” as an addition to the 72-game course. We also challenge our junior students to MLB.com/42. And get more familiar with Jackie’s life and legacy through printable educational activities.

?? TRAILBLAZER series – MLB and USA Baseball will host virtual presentations for young women 13 and under from across the county, usually attending the annual. Trailblazer SeriesA three-day tournament which serves as both teaching and development. The 2021 effort will be designed to inform and inspire young women who enjoy baseball and provide tools and information in that quest.

?? Olympians at JACKIE ROBINSON TRAINING COMPLEX – From April 12 to 22, including on the eve of Jackie Robinson, the United States’ No. 1 women’s national team will continue to prepare for the Tokyo Olympics at the official Jackie Robinson training facility. Of the United States national softball team program Games, exhibitions and public exercises will be in the activities.

?? PLAY BALL DRIVE-THRU EVENT in LAKE CHARLES, LOUISIANA – Softball Olympian and Youth Softball Ambassador Jenny Finch It hosts a special PLAY BALL event at Christian Baptist Church in Lake Charles, Louisiana, her hometown today. The effort is part of a larger campaign by MLB to connect with the black community through activities at Black Churches across the United States.

?? Social media – The MLB Social Media platform will show you the many ways Jackie inspires baseball and society – not just as a member of the Brooklyn Dodgers but also himself and what he represented before. And after his major league career Highlights include a special video highlighting Jackie’s core ambitions, features of the players writing “Letters To Jackie,” and videos from the youth baseball and softball community discussing Jackie’s impact on life and happiness. Love in sport

?? MLB Network – MLB Network will be launching a feature within the award-winning actor’s studio program. Chadwick Boseman Talks about the joy and responsibility he felt in portraying Robinson in the film. 42The image comes from an interview with MLB Network co-authored with Boseman before the film’s release in 2013. Boseman died last year on August 28, the same day Major League Baseball celebrates Jackie Robinson. Day in 2020, a clip of this feature can be viewed here.As part of the MLB Network’s Robinson Remembrance, the MLB Network will also be broadcast. Los Angeles Dodge Against Colorado Rockies Tomorrow, April 15, 10:00 p.m. ET.

?? MLB.com – MLB.com and its 30 club websites will feature editorial content and coverage highlighting each team’s special relevance to Jackie, including special features that explore his impact as a pioneer in baseball and his influence at To the current players

?? JRF scholarship – MLB and the Jackie Robinson Foundation (JRF) have continued their long-standing partnerships, mainly providing college scholarships to students from communities that are not represented by JRF Scholars and many of these JRF alumni. Acquired by Clubs in certain areas

In 2020, MLB has expanded its philanthropic partnership with the Jackie Robinson Foundation to include greater investments in the JRF scholarship program and better coordination in MLB / Club internships, full-time job opportunities and openings. Accepting an MLB career, MLB also allocates a 2021 summer internship specifically for JRF Scholars.The $ 3.5 million commitment to the JRF also includes support for the former Jackie Robinson Museum, MLB and its clubs donated approximately 20 million. Dollars to the Jackie Robinson Foundation, including support for college scholarships for more than 150 JRF scholars.

?? The most rewarding variety of business partners – MLBs and clubs will once again recognize and recognize companies as the recipient of Jackie Robinson’s Most Diverse Business Partner Award of 2021 “MVDBP”. This award recognizes the sport’s diverse business partners. (Diversified owned businesses) nominated and rewarded for their work that exceed the norm in showing quality, level and professionalism in all aspects of their business. A total of 16 prizes will be given by 12 clubs and the ECO Their list of recipients will be highlighted at MLB.com/diversity-and-inclusion

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