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25 killed after eight days of protest in Colombia.

Twenty-five people have died after eight days of protests in Colombia over a tax overhaul to fill a spending gap related to COVID-19.

Among the dead were police and protesters who clashed for days as public anger grew over poverty, unemployment and soaring inequality. Some of the unrest has been attributed to the massive unemployment caused by the disruption of the epidemic as the country has suffered a third increase in coronavirus cases, The Wall Street Journal. report.

Although the tariff plan Was canceled On Sunday, there was little crackdown on the protests, sometimes more violent, resulting in police attacks, buses being set on fire and people robbing shops, according to the Journal.

“In violence, they tried to cut cities without thousands of jobs,”

; Colombian President Ivan Duque said of violent protesters. Reliance on and cruelly attacking our police “

There have also been reports of violent retaliation by police and government officials, with several cases of police harassment being caught on camera.

Cali had its worst protests, with protesters cutting highways and roads blocking food supplies.

“It mixes everything,” Fausto Prieto, head of the demonstration checkpoint, told the journal the reasons behind the protests. It’s trapped inside Politicians receive all sorts of benefits. For them there is no law while the people struggle. ”

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