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3 remarks after stunning Joel Embiid made the Sixers a huge OT win.

Wednesday night’s match between the current No. 1 seed in both the East and West meetings was certainly popular.

The Sixers eventually won it 131-123 in overtime because they had the best players on the floor. They may have the best players in the NBA throughout the first half of the season.

Joel Embiid tied for a regulatory delay with a daring three-pointer sinking from the right wing despite being tightly guarded by Bojan Bogdanovic.

The right runner Mike Conley in Utah’s last tenure did not drop, sending the game into overtime where the Sixers kept their momentum.

Embiid had 40 points on 14 against 27 and 19 rebounds, Ben Simmons scored 1

7 and scored six assists.

The All-Star game will take place on Sunday in Atlanta, Georgia, Sixers head coach Doc Rivers and his team will be led by light-weighted version of Kevin Durant, while Simmons and Embiid will receive it. Opt-in to Thursday night’s All-Star draft, fans will be allowed to attend the Sixers’ next home game, which takes place on March 14.

Here are three observations on the 24-12 Sixers’ high drama win over Utah:

Embiid is incredible against other DPOY competitors.

From the start of the opening, it seems that Embiid is well positioned for a comfortable attack night. His first two baskets were a byproduct of how the Sixers reasonably pulled two defensive player of the year Rudy Gobert off the edge of the court as Embiid switched the step-back foul line jumper out of pick and roll and Location up when he Reed after starting the handoff action, dribble on the wings with Seth Curry.

The Sixers fed Embiid for a back-to-back mid-range jumper after Derrick Favors came in, with Utah’s center reserve unable to bump Embiid out of his place in the post or meaningfully match his shot. Besides the tough duos from various angles, there doesn’t seem to be any strategy to stop Embiid from getting the look he wants.

Again, his strength and skill were an overwhelming combination. He was supposed to remain a serious MVP candidate for the rest of the season, as long as he avoided major injuries through 30 games, he average over 30 points per match.

For Simmons, Embiid’s friend All-Star option, he had a powerful night, scoring eight of his 11 Donovan Mitchell goals (33 points on 12-for-34 shots). Played well in several Simmons games, stepping into the screen a few powerful pull-ups and hitting hard shots when Simmons was in front of him. And Jazz is searching for something late in the clock.

However, Simmons did a great job stopping Mitchell in the fourth quarter and working overtime. He’s very challenging to score one-on-one goals.

Accept a big edge from a distance

The Jazz scored 39 more points behind the arc than the Sixers, Utah made 21 of 44 three-pointers, while Sixers had eight made 25.

There is likely to be a perception that the Sixers didn’t have a good evening from the three-point range and Embiid was thriving every time he had a 1-to-1 match, jazz head coach Quinsneider threw in a zone defense. In the second quarter, a single Embiid overcame it with a powerful base drive, transforming Layup and one.

Although Rivers said pregame he was most concerned with the Sixers trying to take high-quality pictures – not necessarily three – apparently the team would benefit from the more distant efforts if they didn’t have to. A 27-foot throw that is closely contested.

Embiid asked to shoot this offense and got a wish when Basketball Operations President Daryl Morey bought Curry and Danny Green.While the Sixers were able to try to fix their low three-point volume internally, Morey did. It will consider a potential fire reinforcement ahead of the March 25 trade deadline.Embiid himself said after the Sixers loss to the Pacers that the team had to take more than three. His opinion has a reasonable weight in the organization.

Green had three points in 1-on-6 shots, four rebounds, steals and blocks, not the first time Shake Milton was a sensible option to close the game at the age of 33.Rivers also used Matisse Thybulle as a substitute. In defense at the end of the game

Tobias Harris returned after missing two games due to a contusion in the right knee and saved 22 points from a 9-for-18 shot, although his mid-game may have been a bit stuck in the early stages.Most importantly, he was healthy and should. Ready for an important game in the second half

He’s keen and wispy during overtime, giving the Sixers eight key points to the post. His split scoring abilities are invaluable, especially when his opponents focus on preventing Embiid from catching the ball.

The entire lineup is an interesting option.

Despite the NBA’s best-record team, Rivers thinks the Sixers can close the game early and early in the second with an entire lineup, although Furkan, Korkmaz and Milton all scored 12 in First half But the unit’s approach to every second was ineffective as the Sixers’ bench allowed Utah to extend its lead to 13 points.

In the second half of the season, we think Rivers will often mix more of his starting minutes with his second unit. The situation has to be quite unusual for the Sixers to use five bench players simultaneously in a playoff game, so it’s not worth not playing the lineup in a competitive situation.

Dwight Howard had a rough first few minutes on either side of the ball, two absences close to the edge and let Gobert score off a nasty rebound.Thybulle is Jordan Clarkson’s main defender, a smart call. Of Rivers that helped the Sixers limit Sixth Man of the Year to 10 points on a 3-for-9 shootout, 30 less than he scored against the Sixers on February 15. Three-point shooting and an open long-range effort, although Jazz sometimes targets him.

Rivers stuck with the starting lineup in the second half. The group fared better, with part of a surprising sequence in which Howard made 13th-third of his NBA career, then stole the ball from Gobert, took it off the ground and eventually split the free-throw pair.

He blocked Conley’s shot into a subsequent possession that led to the Korkmaz basket at the other end. It is unlikely that the Sixers tied the game at 92-all, and Rivers’ substitution pattern was not immediately bad advice. Mike Scott’s third from the right corner about a minute later put the Sixers ahead and gave the starting team. (With Milton in the Green’s position) having a good chance of winning the game.

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