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3 Robinhood Stocks Investors Love

when we talk about the word “Robin Hood Stocks” We tend to think of high-risk stocks with high potential for returns. But it could also be a huge loss. This type of company ranks among Robinhood’s top 100 stocks.

But the list still has a name that is not at risk. These stocks have given investors big wins. And maybe so in the future too.

I’ll talk about the entertainment powerhouse. The sportswear giant and a biotech company that sells some of the most talked about products in the world right now. Robinhood investors love these stocks, and there’s a reason you will, too.

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1. Disney

Disney (NYSE: Dis) The stock has rebounded quickly from the coronavirus pandemic, rising 111% from its March 2020 low through the end of the year. I don’t expect a repeat from the stock this year. But Disney’s history shows us that it usually delivers on long-term investors. The stock has climbed about 75% over the past five years.

there is a reason for profit Disney owns the most popular theme parks in the world. And before the epidemic, park businesses, experiences, and products contributed the most revenue. before the epidemic Disney’s profits and revenues have continued to grow over the years.

DIS net income graph (annual)

DIS net income data (annual) by YCharts

Last year was tough for Disney. The pandemic caused the park to be temporarily closed. and affect income looking forward I’m confident that Disney’s profits and revenue will recover.

The company has reopened all the parks. except Disneyland Paris which will reopen in June The reopening began last July with Florida parks. More importantly, Disney said the revenues of all the new parks were higher than the cost of opening the parks. The company also said future bookings at Florida and California parks were strong.

Finally, Disney’s streaming service is proving its monetization capability. Hulu posted an increase in subscriber and ad revenue in the latest quarter. And Disney expects its Disney+ service to be profitable by fiscal 2024.

2. Nike

Nike (NYSE: of) It should benefit from the digital benefits that emerge during the future pandemic. The company uses training apps to keep fans working out and connected to Nike news.

This resulted in an increase in online sales even after the Nike store was closed. This relationship is enhancing sales online and in stores. Loyalty Program membership purchases increased 80% year-over-year in the latest quarter.

Upcoming Olympics and other sporting events will further drive Nike’s growth. The company prides itself on innovation. And professional games and competitions give Nike the opportunity to reach a wider audience of sports fans. Nike says it will showcase its next-generation FlyEase shoe — an “easy to wear design” — at this summer’s Olympics.

The overall increase in retail sales is good news for Nike. will Looks great compared to last year when the plague was gathering strength, so Retail Dive Comparing this April numbers to April 2019 and here we still see progress. with e-commerce up nearly 40% and growth of 3% in the struggling apparel sector.

Last year Nike shares were up nearly 40%, but the company has also brought long-term investor gains. The stock has climbed more than 130% over the past five years.

Nike’s digital strengths coupled with a store that offers a unique fan experience. And that equals the earnings and potential of the stock in the future.

3. Modern

Which product is the world’s most wanted right now? Corona virus vaccine. and modern (NASDAQ: MRNA) Had it. The company was one of the first. released to the market And now it has vaccinated more than 52 million people in the United States alone. Moderna sells vaccines to countries around the world. Total product revenue $19.2 billion

The vaccine made Moderna profitable in the first quarter. and more importantly Vaccines could generate billions on a regular basis. Companies have yet to say how often they need to be vaccinated. But some experts say that annual vaccinations should be given.

While this sounds promising for Moderna, the company doesn’t plan to rely on vaccines forever. It actively moves the program through the pipeline. The market closest to the market is the vaccination candidate. Cytomegalovirus (CMV) and the company plans to launch a phase 3 trial this year. CMV is the most common virus most at risk for people who are pregnant or have weakened immune systems.

Moderna shares may look expensive as they have risen more than 130% over the past year. But when considering the channels and potential to generate revenue of the company. The opportunity to increase profits awaits. Especially for investors who buy now and hold for the long term.

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