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3 Things the Dallas Mavericks Blast the New Orleans Pelicans 125-107

The Dallas Mavericks beat the New Orleans Pelicans 125-107, pushing the record to 41-29 and putting them in a good position to avoid a play.Luka Doncic finished with 33 points, eight rebounds and eight assists in. As Kristaps Porzingis returned to the lineup and had 19 of her own. The pelican lacks four starter, forcing substitutes to bear the burden.

Porzingis gave the Mavericks an offensive start, scoring from three mid-range points and from a steal he made to 12, however, at halfway through the first quarter, Jalen Brunson and Willie Cauley-Stein checked in and a group of players. True, easily handed the basket back to the Pelicans.The Mavericks finished the first quarter 32-30.

The Mavericks rushed off to run 1

0-0 within the first two minutes of the second quarter, led by Doncic, who scored his own eight points in the run.Luka was on fire from three, hitting five of the six times in the range. That time gave the Mavericks a 25-6 run, Dallas led 77-58 in the first half.

The two teams mainly traded tanks in the third quarter, with Doncic still doing a great job for the Mavericks and balanced offense from the Pelicans, including former Maverick James Johnson. It takes about six minutes.

Dallas takes care of business early. (And decided not to reap much benefit from doing so)

A grand second-quarter run, which included three consecutive three-pointers, gave the Mavericks a more than 20 boost and eliminated any chance New Orleans had in a major comeback. excited But scoring a few additional points was enough for the Pelicans lacking the best four players (Zion Williamson, Lonzo Ball, Steven Adams, Brandon Ingram).

Naturally, one would expect the game to be a prime opportunity to give Mavericks more rest and longer playtime for the rookie, Doncic returned to the start of the fourth quarter while Mavericks turned 30. And no newbie saw the time until there were six minutes left in the game. Perhaps Rick Carlisle saw too much late-game fears during his time coaching for any chance.

Luka Doncic regained his rhythm from deep and bounced back from his performance with the Grizzlies.

Speaking of his fight in Memphis last night, Doncic felt it was one of the worst games of his career. It was very difficult for him to have two straight performances and as expected tonight he was excellent, especially from the three-point line where he did half of the 14.He was a little sloppy during the fourth, missed all four. His shots and flipped the ball twice. But still able to finish the game for only 31 minutes

Tim Haraway Jr. deserves praise too, as he now has scored 20 or more points in six of the last eight games. He has 27 points on 56 percent of shootings and his role in As a volume shooter and a keen all-rounder is proving invaluable for the Mavericks.

Porzingis was effective on offense in his first game.

On the offensive side, Porzingis has an all-around performance, generating results from all three scoring tiers along with three free throws. He provided the support to start the game, collecting 12 points in the opening minute, after which he spent most of his time on the resting bench as the Mavericks pulled away.

The results were more mixed in defense, where Porzingis essentially had virtually no edge protection and abandoned repeated drives for Willy Hernangomez and the Pelicans defenders. KP received a technical foul for throwing the ball at the end of the third quarter after Hernang Gomez scored him in the basket. He finished with a plus / minus of minus-1 in winning the blast, although it might be a coincidence that he was not on the ground during the Mavericks attack, almost all of his defenses were a function of his general agility. And hopefully it will improve when he returns from the knee pain that forced him to play seven games.

All that said, it’s a productive first, and hopefully Porzingis will be able to run back at full speed on both sides of the ground by the time the playoffs begin.

The Mavericks hosts the Toronto Raptors for Friday Night in Dallas, which can be viewed on League Pass or Bally Sports.

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