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3 thoughts after Dallas Mavericks pulls Milwaukee Bucks 116-101

The Dallas Mavericks won at home on Wednesday night, defeating the Milwaukee Bucks 116-101.The pair of Kristaps Porzingis and Luka Doncic led Dallas with 26 historical points and grabbed 17 rebounds and 27 the latter. Acquired nine rebounds and made nine assists, Donte DiVincenzo scored a team-high 22 for the Bucks with a defeat.

Facing the Milwaukee team without Giannis Antetokounmpo, the Dallas Mavericks came out against the tired looking Bucks. Dallas was on the second night of a backlash in Houston last night and it took a few minutes to wake up. After not seeing the ball in the fourth quarter against the Rockets, Chris Taps, Posinggis repeated the early stages, scoring three of the six games and a pair of free throws Luka. Doncic watched his game early as well. But a toe injury left him briefly out of the game, the bench unit often had potential, missed out on many open looks and surrendered the Mavericks leaders a quarter-behind 31


The two teams played tightly in the second, with Brook Lopez looking like Prime Minister Dirk Nowitzki and Donte DiVincenzo switched to Ray Allen.Despite the burgeoning bench Tim Hardaway and Jalen Brunson struggling, the Mavericks were in a good Luka Doncic post-up phase. And three Porzingis kicks and Porzingis’ offensive response at the end of the quarter kept things interesting, and despite the referee taking a poor missed call, Doncic’s two drives to finish half did. Pull the Mavericks in one place. Dallas followed half at 56-55.

Things began to click in the third quarter, with Mavericks moving forward again and again. But every time the Bucks react, Dallas took an 80-72 lead with 1:58 in the quarter to get Luka Doncic into the game and turn the ball three times, Tim Hardaway added one of himself before the quarter and no. Walwaukee has scored 12 shots in a row this minute, Dallas, heading 84-80, headed fourth.

In a moment that felt like a gut punch that the Mavericks endured to the end, the third could have made them hangover throughout the fourth, then Dorian Finney-Smith broke the seal on his game that was dry for the next three points. Luka Doncic finds Porzingis as his own three-pointer. They then pair up, connect again, to take the lead. In this following offensive tenure, Porzingis grabbed the offensive board and knocked it down. Then the game is all Dallas. Four leads blasted double digits and Dallas took home the Mavericks walk away with a 116-101 victory over Milwaukee.

Now some ideas

Closing order

In my opinion, it has been a long time since the Dallas Mavericks entered fourth and continued to defeat their opponents. Dallas scored over the Bucks in the final frame 36-17 Kristaps, led by Kristaps and 11 points, a fitting performance after he saw the ball last night with the Rockets.

An aspect discussed in regards to last night’s loss was the little actual offense that the Mavericks seemed to be running late in the game against the Rockets while tonight they used their two best players. Their … are you ready for this? … At the same timeAnd it worked, who would have guessed, more play and more ball movements, less isolation, everyone would be happy.

Inappropriate response

There is a lot of information on why offensive rebounds are no longer a thing in the NBA, but only if I understand it. Looking at the box score, what jumped off the face to me was six offensive rebounds from Kristaps Porzingis and five from Dorian Finney-Smith, watching the Porsingsis knock down the board would fill up. Energy goes into his game, which is hard to come by when he’s a pop of pick and spin.

I’m sure there is a game plan and opponent dependent stuff going on in terms of how often Dallas is willing to mirror the offensive. But if you go to Porzingis’ game record and sort through his offensive rebound when he has 3 or so, the Mavericks will most likely win the last time I checked.

The Mavericks survived without the bench combo a big factor.

Prior to their live games, Bally Sports had their part at Jalen Brunson and Tim Hardaway and how they have been performing this season. Of course, it follows that both will throw out their 5-18 shooting performance after spot focus. But for the first time in what felt like a week ago, the Mavericks survived the night from both guards and walked away with a win.

Bonus points: Porzingis drive right and dunk!

One of my favorite tweets is screaming about Porzingis. He’s right-handed, big and skilled, and he doesn’t like to do things right for whatever reason. So when he dipped the hell out of the ball in the second quarter, I thought shaking guards along the way, I yelled at my TV. Please more

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