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31 new games for the Switch this week

Cozy Grove is a lovely everyday meal.

Cozy Grove is a lovely everyday meal.
Screen shot: A. Spry Fox

Every week, Nintendo releases new game listings on the Switch. It’s a very long list most of the time. This week’s show is Spry Fox’s. Cozy GroveSwitch online special Pacman 99, Switch version of The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV, And other 28 games, many of which you will not care about

We started The Nintendo Download as a weekly post when WiiWare was released in 2008, then broken down after a few years as the selection of games was slim. This is not the case anymore.Nintendo regularly adds between 20 and 30 games to its Switch every week, so following it might be a smart one. Plus, every week I am amazed by the amount of crap this drop in the eShop and now you can too.

Nintendo’s weekly press releases generally focus on a few featured games. This week the game was above. Cozy Grove Pac-Man 99and Trail of Cold Steel IV, Along with a dark comedy RPG game. Never Give Up: A Cynical Story and refuse! overA fun game about learning to disappoint people.

Here are other things coming out this week.

See what you like? Why or why not? What do you have with delicious! Pretty girl Mahjong Solitaire?

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