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49ers traded with Tua Tagovailoa

It looks like the 49ers will be offered a quarterback at some point in this year’s draft. Even if they haven’t set long-term startup goals. But having to find enough backups for Jimmy Garoppolo, there were situations in which they didn’t draft a defender. Instead, use the option to get one of the trades instead of the mock draft that Pro Football Focus operated the move to San Francisco.

In this PFF mockery, the 49ers handled a 12th overall pick to Miami for second-year defender Tua Tagovailoa after the Dolphins took over Ohio State’s Justin Fields with the third overall pick they got. Comes from commercial code Laremy Tunsil

Not getting it from nowhere This ridicule features three defenders of the first three, and five will be in the top nine. Given the needs of the 49ers, it is difficult to see them parting ways with large capital to move up and hinder callers in case the market for them is highly competitive early in the draft.

Switching up a 1

2th choice for the 23-year-old former top-five, whose precision at all three levels of the passing game makes sense if the 49ers prioritize their high position in this year’s draft.

However, there was a huge question mark on whether Tagovailoa was the caller to the signal they would pick number 12.He went 6-3 in nine shows for Dolphins as a rookie this season. His numbers weren’t all that impressive, with a 64.1 percent success rate, 6.3 yards per turn, 11 touchdowns and 5 interceptions.There’s also the fact that he had a number of favors to support Ryan Fitzpatrick. travel

The Dolphins organization supports them behind Tagovailoa and his future developments. But it will be easy to see how the 49ers might be wary of implementing that project when they are ready to fight for the Super Bowls.

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