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5 Takeaways From the Latest Democratic Debate for New York Mayors

“Many people are surprised to learn that many of the iconic places in our city are named after the person who enslaved people,” Dubois said. “New Yorkers should live on the streets or go to schools or buildings named as slaves. Or should we change those names?”

Mr. DuBois mentions people like Peter Stuyvesant, the director-general of the New Netherland, who owned slaves. A large apartment on Manhattan’s east side was named after him, Rikers Island, home to New York City’s main prison. It was named after the Riker family, which included Richard Riker, who sent black Americans into slavery.

“We should not honor people with an abusive past,” Adams said.

Ms. Wiley, who previously worked as a civil rights lawyer. Said symbols are important and these places should be renamed. But, she added, it’s important to ensure that the entire community of color. “Given the attention, investment and change they ultimately deserve.”

Wiley can appear as a candidate for leadership in the debate. Helped in part by the Mr. Stringer scandal and Diane’s absence. Morales in the debate arena

Nowhere did she do that more decisively than the police questioning and using their guns.

“Attorney General Tish James is proposing legislation to restrict police from firing weapons. Use force as a last resort,” Ms Kramer said. Why not go all the way and get all your guns out like they do in 19 countries where most police are unarmed.”

Wiley was not detached from this idea. Just like the other applicants did, but she wasn’t clear.

First, she said the mayor’s number one job is safety.

Ms. Kramer intervened to ask if she would take the officer’s gun from them.

Wiley responded by talking about the importance of getting illegal guns off the street. Kramer makes one last attempt: “But are you going to get the gun out of the NYPD?”

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