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5 things to know for May 3: Coronavirus India, Afghanistan, North Korea, San Diego

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1.Corona virus

2. India

India is in the process of recording 20 million people infected with the coronavirus as it continues to downgrade the worst outbreak. Officials reported more than 400,000 daily cases for the first time on Saturday and the number of deaths at a record high yesterday. Many states in the country are preparing to enter “Complete lockdown”
; in the coming days. Many have accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of not preparing India for the crisis and that he frequently painted the country’s response to the outbreak of the epidemic rosy when the numbers say otherwise. In a crucial battleground election, Modi’s Bharatiya Janata party had recently suffered a defeat, with the results seen as a test of whether the second wave of Covid-19 affected Modi’s support.

3. Afghanistan

The United States began converting its military bases to Afghan security forces this weekend, but senior US General Mark Milley warned that it could happen. “Bad results” for the withdrawal of Taliban forces late last week briefly seized Afghan bases before Afghan forces recaptured. Meanwhile, the United States has been conducting a precise attack on rockets targeting Kandahar Airport after an indirect fire at the site, Milley said the first few days of the withdrawal procedure were not indicative of any potential suspicions. Success or failure of the entire project and negotiation is still possible.

4. North Korea

North Korea warned the United States that it would face It was “a crisis beyond control in the foreseeable future” and accused South Korea of ​​taking action. “Unacceptable incitement” to Pyongyang in a statement that could provide a platform for a match between the three nations. The comments come after Biden’s press secretary said the administration had completed months of review of North Korea’s policy.Biden and his South Korean counterpart Moon Jae-in are scheduled to meet in Washington this month. And experts say North Korea may try to drive a conflict between the two leaders. The statement also highlights what North Korea sees as the latest insult from the United States and South Korea.


Four people were killed and more than 20 others were hospitalized after a suspected smuggling boat overturned yesterday off the coast of San Diego. US Customs and Border Protection officials said the agency has “Everything indicates” this ship was used to smuggle people into the country illegally. The ship was reported to have been severely overcrowded when it hit a reef and capsized, and it was not clear how many passengers and crew were wearing safety gear. The person believed to be the operator of the ship is now in custody, the CBP said, it has seen a significant increase in smuggling efforts and is increasing efforts to intercept the ship.

Breakfast browser

The Medina Spirit Wins the 147th Kentucky Derby.

Mint juleps go all over (and celebrate carrots for the champions)!

Sri Lanka may be home to some of the best crab restaurants in the world.

Is it too early to start wanting to eat crab?

Chlorine shortages can be a problem for pool owners this summer.

Without proper sterilization, a swimming pool is just a large people’s cauldron.

Billie Eilish shows off a new look on the cover of British Vogue.

Out: Hottest green hair and big outfits.In: pin-up blonde corsets and locks.

Happen later

The family said goodbye and needed answers.

Andrew Brown Jr. will rest today a 42-year-old North Carolina man was killed when Pasquotank County officials tried to issue an arrest warrant, officials said. Protesters called for body cam footage to be released. But the judge ruled that it would not go public for 30 days.

Today number

12 billion

That’s the multibillion-dollar amount of oil that could contain areas in Namibia and neighboring Botswana.One Canadian oil company wants to secure an oilfield that could be a source. The next giant onshore oil

Today’s words

“Change takes time, I can’t change the past. But it can affect the future – and that’s what we focus on. ”

Shawny WilliamsThe first black police chief in Vallejo, California. His department has a history of using serious force, and since being sworn in last November, Williams has pledged to tackle what he sees as moderating treatment issues across the country.

Today’s weather

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And finally

It’s in the details

Remember the Polly Pocket set? There’s something strangely peaceful about watching the meticulously restored people, little people and everyone (click here to watch).

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