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6 Reasons to Buy a Pixel: Unlimited Google Photos Storage and More

Google’s Pixel phones have a lot to offer.

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Google Pixel Phones are the best mobile phones that money can buy. When you factor in integrations with popular tools like Google Photos, Chrome, Gmail, and Drive, Pixels are super attractive. A great phone isn̵

7;t just about having a great camera and fancy hardware. Phone-related software and services are also important. Let’s take a look at these things.

Pixel phones get unlimited storage on Google Photos, other phones won’t.

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Unlimited storage for Google Photos

One of the key reasons to get a Pixel is unlimited storage space. Google Images. Unlike other places Non-Pixel phones, Pixel phones have no data limit for backing up photos to the cloud. And the photos you take with the Pixel are saved in their original quality. without automatically compressing to save space The scope of this benefit varies depending on which Pixel you get: If you find it first Pixel Phones released in 2016 should be able to upload photos at their original quality for the lifetime of the device.

Later, Pixel phones include newer phones. Pixel 5 and Pixel 4A 5GUnlimited uploads of photos are allowed with compressed storage quality. Google outlines the rules for each Pixel phone on this support page.

Unfortunately, the 2020 Pixel phones will likely be the last to benefit from the unlimited storage variant. Google doesn’t plan to extend this benefit to the next wave of Pixel phones, according to multiple reports from The. The Verge and Tom’s Guide etc.

No bloatware ever

Threats of monotonous apps, services, and software features It still threatens most Android phones subsidized by US wireless carriers. Not so with Google Pixel phones, what you get is the original Android operating system that Google designed in the first place. It’s not masked by weird skins, proprietary overlays, or weird UI.

Pixel phones have access to beta software, such as new operating system versions and features.


New Android operating system update

In addition to free photo storage, Google promises it’s important to update Pixel phones. Whenever a new Android OS version or security patch is released. That patch arrives on Pixels first, which includes new features that are separate from full operating system updates. And for the real adventure, Pixels has the first Dibs in the Android beta as well.

All Pixel phones have a mobile version of Google Fi.


Google Fi is always an option.

Although it’s not a huge driving force in the wireless carrier market. But it has its own cellular service for mobile devices called Google Fi (not to be confused with Google Fiber) This MVNO style system offers a pay-as-you-go data plan. It also uses technology that allows for seamless switching between Wi-Fi and cellular networks during voice calls.

All Pixel phones come in versions designed specifically to run on Google Fi. These phones are also unlocked. So you can transfer it to another carrier if you want. Things get a little complicated when choosing a 5G Pixel, for example. Pixel 5 and Pixel 4A 5GGoogle sells three types: Verizon, Google Fi (unlocked) and unlocked (no 5G). These handsets will work with all major US carriers. Each operator’s 5G network

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Squash that spam

If you are constantly bombarded by unwanted scams or obscure marketing calls. You’ll find this Pixel feature interesting. The Pixel Call Screen function in the Phone app works with the Google Assistant to stop calls from automation. They can prevent unknown callers from ringing your phone or calling you in real time.

sweet phone deal

Right now, one of our favorite phones on the market is $499. Pixel 4A 5GThis phone is compatible with 5G cellular networks and comes with a great ultra wide-angle camera. It also has strong software support from Google and promises up to three years of timely updates, and at $200 that’s less than the $699 price of the Pixel 5. Choose that is truly attractive.

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