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60-year-old bat girl to Yankee Stadium

Gwen Goldman finally became a bat girl for the New York Yankees – 60 years after she was rejected for her gender.

At 70, Goldman worked at Yankee Stadium during a game against the Los Angeles Angels on Monday night.

She was rejected by then general manager Roy Hamey. who wrote to her on June 23, 1961: “While we agree with you that girls are as capable as boys. And it will no doubt be an attractive addition to play. I’m sure you can understand that it’s a male-dominated game. A young woman like you wouldn’t feel like a place in the dugout.”

Brian Cashman, current Yankees general manager, said he had been forwarded an email written by Goldman̵

7;s daughter Abby in a letter dated June 23. Cashman wrote: “It’s never too late to reward and realize the ambition you showed in writing that letter to us as a 10-year-old girl.”


“Some dreams take longer than they should. But the goals achieved should not be murky over time,” added Kashman. “I have a daughter of my own. And I hope every girl will be given the opportunity to follow her dreams in the future.”

Goldman wears the full Yankees uniform. First pitch to New Yorker Tyler Wade, then stand alongside manager Aaron. Boon in the national anthem

“I thought it was really cool,” Boon said after meeting her. “I think you will see her maybe take the ball out to the plate house … Hopefully it will be a once in a lifetime experience for her and a long time to come.”

New York is expanding this invitation as part of its annual Yankees Hope Week, which stands for Helping Others Persevere & Excel.

After the third inning The Yankees play a video with a letter and a Zoom session, where Cashman, assistant general manager Jean Afterman and pitcher Gerrit Cole were among those who informed her of the offer.

Then she was introduced to the crowd. Walk up the thunderous steps to Yankees Stadium and wave her hat as the fans applaud.

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