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61 earthquakes in Congo after volcanic eruption: report

The Democratic Republic of the Congo was hit by 61 earthquakes within 24 hours on Saturday. a week after week Nyiragongo Volcano Erupts for First Time in Nearly 20 Years

in a report from Obtained by CNN, the Goma Volcano Observatory (GVO), officials notified the Central African government that the crater. “still falling apart which contributed to the earthquake and causing the ash to be seen from” the city of Goma.

Last week’s eruption from a volcano, located about 9 miles north of Goma, caused a series of earthquakes and tremors across the region. including up to Rwanda̵

7;s capital Kigali, CNN reported.

Since the explosion last Saturday In which at least 31 people have been killed, safety concerns have increased among local communities. As officials are warning of a second eruption

According to CNN, Saturday’s report details four possible future scenarios for the volcano. Best of all, the earthquake stopped and no further eruptions occurred.

However, officials also said in the report that The worst case could include an eruption beneath Lake Kivu that could release toxic gases and cause debris to rise into the air as a result of the continuous flow of magma through the rift to the lake.

The GVO report states that lava flows can “suffocating severe burns or death,” and added that “if lava erupts” in the river, residents should “Be far away from each other. as the explosion could produce dangerous missiles.”

CNN noted that the report also indicated that emissions could become more frequent in the coming months. due to the increase of underground magma There may be fissures emitting higher concentrations of lethal gases.

Jens Laerke, a spokesman for the United Nations’ Coordinating Office for Humanitarian Affairs, said at a news briefing in Geneva on Friday that about 400,000 people had fled Goma amid warnings of a second eruption.

Laerke noted that “Yesterday there was a huge traffic jam on the main exit road from Goma, people moving in all directions. mostly on foot carry what can but also in cars and on boats.”

The spokesperson added that “The crisis is coming against the backdrop of an already high demand situation in North Kivu.”

“Forty-four percent of the five million internally displaced people in [Democratic Republic of Congo] It is in North Kivu, where 33 percent of the population is severely food insecure,” he said on Friday.

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