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640 people were unable to get the COVID-19 vaccine at the Colorado site last Wednesday after 11 people experienced nausea and dizziness.

COMMERCE CITY, Colo. (KKTV) – After nearly a dozen people began experiencing symptoms such as nausea and dizziness shortly after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, a site in Colorado shut down its dosing that day.

Due to the closure, about 640 people were unable to get their vaccines on Wednesday as scheduled. The incident took place at Dick’s sporting goods community vaccination site in Commerce. Two of the 11 people with the condition were taken to hospital for observation. 640 people who had been canceled appointments were automatically postponed in. Sunday

“The state has no reason to believe that people who are vaccinated today at Dick̵

7;s Sporting Goods Park should be concerned,” part of a publication from the Colorado State Join Information Center reads, “Adverse reactions often occur immediately. Healthcare providers monitor patients for post-vaccination reactions for at least 15 minutes after injection (or 30 minutes if the patient has a history of allergic reactions) .For this reason, this event does not affect the provider. Other vaccines Today’s actions were due to a great deal of caution. ”

Despite the shutdown, about 1,700 others were vaccinated at the site Wednesday with Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

“In most cases, the discomfort of fever or pain after vaccination is normal,” the report states, “these symptoms indicate your immune system responds to the vaccine. Other routine vaccines have similar side effects. For an in-depth look at the potential side effects of this vaccine, see the CDC report on the Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) vaccine. ”

Those who have been postponed on Sunday will receive the Pfizer vaccine. If those patients would like to use the Johnson & Johnson service, click here to make a new appointment.

“We are committed to providing a safe community clinic and we are very grateful that today the clinic was properly reviewed and immediately helped patients with side effects. We know it can be quite a shock to hear about people being sent to hospitals, and we want to reassure Coloradans that the CDC and Public Health are closely monitoring all licensed vaccines. Based on what we know, the current side effects are in line with what can be expected, ”said COVID-19 Commissioner Scott Bookman.“ Getting the vaccine is safer than being seriously ill with COVID-19. Why am I? Was vaccinated and why would I want my family to receive it? From all we know, it remains true that the best vaccine you can get is the one you can get the fastest. Thank you to everyone who has to reschedule for your patience today. ”

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