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97% of COVID-19 cases in King County are among the unvaccinated.

Football team athlete Julius Irvin receives the COVID-19 vaccine at a vaccination clinic on the University of Washington campus May 18, 2021 in Seattle, Washington. (Photo by David Ryder/Getty Images)

in King County Number of COVID-19 patients and related hospitalizations were reduced. due to increased vaccination

WA Sec of Health: Covid will be here ‘longer’ without adequate immunity

Dr. Jeff Duchin, public health worker at Public Health in Seattle and King County. reported cases of COVID-1

9 An average of 155 new cases per day over the past week for the county, a 64 percent drop from the latest high. King County said it was currently at a level of transmission similar to before the recent fourth wave, but about doubled in late September 2020 before the fall and winter peak.

The good news is that incidence rates in all age groups are declining. Just like the last few weeks. The rate is still the highest among young people.

“At this time, our epidemic is being primarily touched by the unvaccinated people,” Duchin said. “About half a million people aged 12 and over remain unvaccinated, and 97% or more of inpatients. Currently in the group of people who are not vaccinated. that means if you are not vaccinated Your risk of COVID-19 now is higher than Memorial Day.”

“And although I wasn’t expecting to see a summer skyrocket like the one we saw last year. But people who are not vaccinated are at great risk and need to be more careful. including limiting indoor activities with others not vaccinated distancing and wearing masks when near other people,” he added. “This is especially important on this Memorial Day when people come together.”

“Outdoors are great. when in the house Keep that in mind,” Duchin said.

This is because there will always be a large number of people who remain unvaccinated. Both those who refused to be vaccinated and those who did not respond to vaccines due to immunodeficiencies or medical conditions, Duchin stressed the importance of focusing on improving indoor air quality. can protect 100%

“Thanks to the vaccination. We are now in a much better place as we enter the summer as we had hoped. And I am optimistic that the burden of COVID-19 will continue to decline over the coming months as more vaccinations become available,” he said.

In King County, 75% of residents aged 16 and over have received one dose and 63% have been fully vaccinated.

If you haven’t been vaccinated against COVID-19, Duchin says Memorial Day weekend is a good time to get vaccinated. This is because multiple sites will open up. This indicates more recovery time in case of any symptoms. Covid-19 vaccine free of charge regardless of immigration status or health insurance

“If you haven’t been vaccinated. Getting your first dose this weekend will mean a safe summer for you, your loved ones and your community,” Duchin said.

Warm weekends are perfect for beach lighting, markets, boating,

Find the full list of COVID-19 vaccination sites, including the Auburn Outlet Collection and the Kent ShoWare Center, both of which will open this weekend. And learn more about vaccinations in King County online here.

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