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99 Pac-Men enters one Pac-Man in the new Switch freebie Pac-Man 99.

First Tetrisalready Super mario, And now Pacman: Nintendo Switch kept the video game “retro battle royale” this week by asking strange questions. Pacman Will it be as if 99 people play the game at the same time and only one pill wins?

New game, creative title Pacman 99It arrives on Wednesday, March 7, as a free download for paying subscribers for the Nintendo Switch Online service similar to 2019. Tetris 99 And 2020 Super Mario 35 It’s not a coincidence, as it was designed too. The same “NintendoWare Bezel Engine” is used in those other games, and the framework appears to be cleverly juggling the competition at the same time. Pacman.

Ghost Train Jammers and Boosts

As seen in the surprise of the game on Tuesday evening. Pacman 99Online mode The default online mode is similar to the oldest version of the online mode. PacmanIn terms of exorcism and catching yellow dots on the series’ oldest black and blue labyrinths like Tetris 99 Before that Pacman 99 It plays the same role as traditional resources, with only online player slots interfering with each other’s progress. You send an attack to another player’s field. (Visible on the edge of the screen is a small window) by eating the power pellets and swallow the ghosts that are vulnerable. They do the same for you.

This twist on the game is a new concept for the series. Your attack will send waves of “Pac-Men jammer” to your opponent’s channel. (Visible on the edge of the screen as a small window) but these do not cause directly Danger. On the other hand, these transparent Pac shadows make the game’s labyrinth be quick to knock, and players have to dodge Pac-Man through the quicksand to make it vanish. One or two jammers can tolerate. Six or more seem to be a real headache, especially when Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde pin you in the corner.

Therefore success in Pacman 99 It will be part of planning the movement in the maze in a way that allows you to eliminate interference safely and maintain a high speed. At the same time, sending attacks to other players needed to build a “ghost train”, which was upgraded from Pac-Man Championship Edition Set. Set up these full-screen ghost series without accidentally bumping into each other, then eat power pellets so you can gobble up dozens of ghosts in an orderly line.

Players will also have access to three selectable “Boost” modes dubbed “Boost”. “Strength”, “speed” and “practice”, and while they seem self-explanatory well enough, they seem pretty self-sufficient. But we still don’t know when and how to switch in Games, or do they make the basic actions of dodging ghosts more fun?

Ninten- Do what Stadia rarely does.

Surprisingly, this isn’t just online. Pacman Concept that will be launched in the last year. Pac-Man Mega Tunnel Battle It launched on Google Stadia in October 2020, but 64 players will spin around much larger spots where players can collide. In my testing experience, Mega Tunnel Battle can prove lag and frightening when other online players’ connections drop for any reason since. Pacman 99 Putting each player on a separate playing field, it might neatly avoid the problem.

I used to praise Tetris 99 As a smart and challenging rider for the familiar. Tetris Recipe.While we don’t always have to be so hot Super Mario 35The following year, similar changes were made.It was fun, albeit temporary, as Nintendo shut down that game’s servers on March 31, the same day it was removed. Super Mario 3D All-Stars(We hardly know Mario) Pacman 99 It looks like it is approaching the file. Tetris 99 That aspect of things, which bodes well for free games with subscriptions launched later today.

Pacman 99 Trailer.

Item image by Nintendo / Bandai Namco

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