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A Cape Cod fisherman falls after a whale swallows him, spitting it out.

A Cape Cod fisherman is recovering after miraculously emerged without serious injuries from spending nearly a minute in the stomach of a humpback whale mistaken for him as a snack.

“I’m diving with lobsters. And the humpback whale tried to eat me,” fisherman Michael Packard wrote on Facebook.

This salty affair began harmlessly. by Captain Packard, 56, of the Seas on Friday morning looking for lobster near Provincetown where he is from. He dives into the ocean to check for a trap — when a passing whale swallows him.

“He was in the whale’s mouth for 30 to 40 seconds and then he spat out,” his mother, local painter Anne Packard, told The Herald on Friday afternoon.

Michael Packard was leaving the hospital a few hours later. Tell a local TV reporter that he thinks it̵

7;s for him.

“I know I’m in the mouth of a whale. And it was trying to swallow me,” a trembling Packard told the WBZ. “I thought to myself, ‘Hey, this is it, I’m going to die.’”

but happily His body recovered as he seemed to be able to swim. Healthcare workers suspected that at least one of his legs had been broken. But he seems to have survived. his mother said

“He had no broken bones,” she said. “He was very lucky.”

She said she just talked to him on the phone. And they didn’t go deep into the whale’s mouth.

But she said, “He said he knew it was the end – he definitely accepted it.”

Humpbacks don’t really eat people. Experts say this type of behavior is basically unheard of. And it’s probably just a weird occurrence — a coincidence. if you want There’s a pretty good chance that no one outside of Nineveh’s bound biblical figures could match Packard’s story.

Peter Corkeron, marine mammal expert from the New England Aquarium told the Herald that humpback whales are The “gulps” that eat by loosening their mouths and soaring into the water. And when you’re 50 feet tall and weigh 30 tons, like a hunchback can do. Sometimes you can’t control the direction you’re heading in very well. he noted

“They swallowed as much of their saliva and swallowed it,” he said, noting he had never heard of someone being carried like this before. This one should be looking to grab some fish when Packard ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Corkeron said there was real evidence that humpbacks could. And the happy ending of this whale tale might be another case, as Packard says the whale swims to the surface to spit him out.

“It’s very convincing that the whale is trying to save him,” Corkeron said.

Anne Packard noted that Michael had been in a plane crash in Costa Rica years ago when he fished there. and able to walk away

Fisherman Michael Packard (Courtesy of Michael Packard)

“He’s happy, I guess,” she said, “unbelievable.”

Michael Packard has been fishing in the P-town area off his J&J boat for years. No, it’s not named after the coronavirus vaccine maker — his two sons. Both of whom are not Jonah Packard, had worked in the waters of Central America and California before returning to the Cape.

Anne Packard said the last time she talked to him before the whale consumption incident she told him he had to write a book about all his strange experiences. But Michael sneered. He wasn’t one with this kind of interest, she said.

And of course, he told the Herald in a text Friday afternoon: He was too full of interest. and did not want to talk about this experience in public anymore.

But the cry of a whale can be inevitable.

“He doesn’t want to make a big deal out of it. But it became a big deal,” said Anne Packard. “I mean, how many people are in the whale’s mouth?”

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