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A cicada boarded Biden’s news plane. They won.

WASHINGTON — A plane that prepares to take dozens of journalists to Europe to cover President Biden’s first overseas trip. on the runway ready to fly

Cicada had other ideas.

However, flying insects have come to fill the plane’s engines. causing the plane to be grounded and forced Biden’s aides to find another way to send journalists abroad. What was supposed to leave 9pm, delayed until 11am and until 2:15pm.

Sometimes it’s inevitable. With billions of cicadas flying across the eastern United States in recent weeks. in the capital of the country where the offspring emerge every 1

7 years near the brutal peak. They crawled the TV reporter’s neck. splashed all over the windshield and tangled in the hair of anyone who dared to face the 90-degree heat in a puddle.

White House travel agents deliver news about insect deformities to reporters gathered at an airport hotel. Along with certifying that the new plane was heading to Washington from New York. A new pilot in Cleveland is on his way soon, and the two agents hope to be able to safely pass through the clouds of cicada. which is dense enough around Washington that weather radars can pick up.

The pizza was delivered with the option to pick up a few winks in the hotel room. Extended bars for those who decide to wake up agents.

On Twitter, the words of the delay — tweeted by many journalists — quickly expressed sympathy, disrespect, and vulgar criticism. This can only happen from stories about Washington’s politics.

“Is Cicada considered a hijacker and is the FBI negotiating to release the plane?” one person tweeted. “What is Cicada’s desire?”

Another wrote: “Check out #maga shells”, apparently referring to the fact that this is the Biden press panel.

When one wrote: “These cicadas are enemies of the media,” another replied: “Did the GOP cultivate and recruit cicadas?”

And more than one person made it clear that they weren’t particularly upset with the inconvenience White House press corps.

“Delayed press charter?” one wrote after hearing about the incident. “I commend those patriotic cicadas for their good work!”

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