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A cup of Joe isn’t enough for sleep-deprived people in high-level jobs — RT World News

A dose of caffeine can help sleep-deprived people deal with easier chores, but it “doesn’t do much” to boost productivity at high levels. A new US study has shown.

Researchers at the Sleep and Learning Lab at Michigan State University have discovered that drinking coffee can cause serious procedural errors. Their study was published in the latest issue of Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition., examined the effect of caffeine on sleep-deprived participants. However, it was confirmed that caffeine-containing products such as coffee might increase energy and help people stay alert. However, researchers have refute the widespread belief that caffeine helps. let us concentrate more

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7;t help much in preventing procedural errors that can cause things like medical crashes and car accidents.” Associate professor of psychology Kimberly Fenn, who led the study, cautioned.

notice that “Sleep deprivation impairs various cognitive processes.The researchers aimed to find out if caffeine could actually counteract the negative effects of sleep deprivation. in doing so They asked 276 participants to complete their cognitive tasks early in the evening. Then they sent some of them home for a good night’s sleep. while asking others Waking up in the lab in the morning, everyone was given a capsule containing either caffeine or a placebo. Ask participants to complete assignments that require greater care and attention. which is called a venue As with some simpler tasks.

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Technology is disrupting human sleep rhythms and keeping us sleepy.

We’ve found that sleep deprivation degrades both types of performance. And the presence of caffeine made it easier for people to work successfully. However, most participants had little effect on venue efficiency.reported Fenn.

The latter plays a role in solving problems and “other high level jobsThe researchers explain “that specialists such as pilots, surgeons or police officers face every day.”Although people may feel as though they can combat sleep deprivation with caffeine. But high performance is often flawed.” According to the professor

This is one of the reasons sleep deprivation can be dangerous.she added. It said many people experienced insomnia during the coronavirus outbreak. People should prioritize sleep to avoid immune problems. among other health and mental health risks that may occur And don’t count caffeine as a magic pill, for example.”It certainly doesn’t replace a full night’s sleep.

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