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A documentary about Kanye West’s career reportedly coming to Netflix.

Back in 2003, Kanye West released a video for his first single, “Through The Wire,” directed by Clarence “Coodie” Simmons and Chike Ozah, a directorial team known as Coodie & Chike, that same year. They both directed a clip for Kanye’s. Dropout college Follow “Two Words” When Kanye was unhappy with the first two videos for “Jesus Walks,” he cast Coodie & Chike to direct one of the three. Simmons, a Chicago friend, has been filming Kanye for years, in early 1998 as the video was proven – and around 2002, it was reported that he did so with the intention of making a documentary. About his life and career Now, with a milestone decades later, it looks like his and Osah films will eventually come out longer than standard film lengths.

Billboard Netflix reportedly paid $ 30 million for the rights to the Coodie & Chike career documentary Kanye, according to the report.Kanye was not involved creatively with the project. Over the years, their company Creative Control is reported to be co-producing a series with TIME Studios. The project is reported to feature never-before-seen videos. First, and will cover a number of milestones in Kanye’s life and career, including the death of his mother, his failed move into fashion design and the 2020 presidency.Neither Netflix nor Kanye’s representatives expressed their opinion. comment BillboardReport of

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