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A dream come true for the power boxer WR Amari Rodgers.

Can the new Green Bay Packer recipient Amari Rodgers see the future? Back in March, the 85th overall selection in the 2021 draft and former Clemson star looked into his crystal ball and had a moment of guesswork.

Or perhaps he wished his desired future to exist.

Asked about his dream draft situation by former NFL wide receiver Brandon Marshall at the 2021 House of Athlete Scouting Combine Showcase, Rodgers said, “I’m going to speak for the second round with the Packers.

Talk about a dream come true. And Rodgers did this It’s close to getting it right, general manager Brian Gutekunst insisted that the team were ready to pick Rodgers or Josh Myers of Ohio at 62 overall in the second round, but the Packers went with a talented center first. Soon after, Gutekunst resumed scouting over the phone, calling the team and trying to trade for Rodgers, a player they clearly felt was a second-round talent.

Football finally found a fan Picked the fourth round, but the Packers moved up seven points from No. 92 to No. 85 to take on the Rodgers in the third round.

He might be a football dream player.

“He filled us a lot of holes,” Gutekunst said. “That̵

7;s one of the reasons we traded for him, not just as a reclaimer and a slot receiver. But also the creativity Matt had in his fault. Swipe jet planes and screens. He’s a bearer of 212 pounds. He’s not a smaller person. So I think the kickback might be part of his arsenal as well. He just built it for us here in Green Bay. Very diverse players A very smart player “

That was a strong scouting report on Rodgers. Punting receiver, slot receiver, weapon, good-sized gadget, smart multi-function. He is all of those things. Gutekunst’s assessment was lacking one thing: Rodgers also had psychic powers.

Perhaps the Packers’ rookie defender could give his new general manager some insight into the future of some upset defenders.

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