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A Florida man explains what he was caught on a security camera.

“I have watched it, maybe 100 times, and took a screenshot and made it explode,” says Palm Coast native William Fuentes.

Fuentes caught a strange video on a home security camera at 3am. The shocking video shows two circles of light floating in the air, mysteriously twinkle in the night sky.


7;s a drone or is it a bird or a bat, you know, it’s all through your mind. But in the end, I really can’t explain, ”Fuentes said.

Such eyes have made people ask an old question: Are we alone in the universe?

“I think that’s an interesting phenomenon, if you think about it… there is a possibility that these events happen because all aliens are hoping that these are aliens, not just good phenomena. More, ”said Dr. Csaba Palotai, associate professor and program chair of the Aerospace, Physics and Space Science Program at Florida Tech.

According to the National UFO Reporting Center, 245 new UFOs have been reported as of March 30 in 2020, 7,200 UFO sightings, more than 1,000 seen in 2019.

What was once a bedtime story becomes interesting. In recent years, we have seen new levels of government awareness. Recently received thousands of UFO documents from the CIA, the Pentagon and the US Navy also confirmed investigations and sightings.

“Whenever people realize ‘Oh, this is an air balloon or an atmospheric optics phenomenon.’ It’s no longer interesting, right? The whole interesting case is the case you didn’t know, ‘Palotai said.

Excitement and curiosity extend to Space Coast.The Space Coast UFO group devotes about twice a month to reviewing images of UFOs.

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