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A full restore on Chromebooks will drive you crazy if you watch a lot of Youtube videos.

Full Restore, a feature first introduced late last year for Chromebook users, gives you the option to automatically restore all your existing apps and browser tabs after a reboot or if. Your device crashes under load. Although it’s something I’ve been wanting so much over the years. But it’s not without flaws. Most users probably won’t encounter the issue I’m going to address today. But for those who do this It’s something I hope Google can fix, and something I really feel. will be easy to fix

Full restore at startup in Chromebook Settings app

After rebooting the device and restoring all my previous processes. I usually have audio from four to five Youtube videos all starting to play at the same time. Now, you might say I should open one Youtube video at once. But I always pause one video and look for another video for a different purpose. Yes, yes, I can save it to Watch Later or a playlist. But besides the terrifying inconvenience That’s not the point when I turn my Chromebook on in the morning or update it and it’s back up. Sounds like a high school cafeteria in my office!


Fortunately, the new global media controls on my device shelf let me quickly find and stop audio from individual video sources. Instead of manually searching for every Chrome tab they may be on and paused. The problem is that I feel like Google can force all tabs with audio and video to recover on reboot and then stop immediately on behalf of the user.

Tab pinning officially debuted with Chrome 91 this week, but it only works if a user collapses a group of tabs. I’d love to see that tab pinning be used for tabs with audio and video sources. Even if it’s not in the tab group. Usually, when someone (me) wants to start playing a Youtube video, this is a deliberate choice. And I’m okay with going to that tab and hitting play. I don’t see any reason So why even one of these videos should start playing automatically on loading after restart from a user experience point of view, but Youtube works this way by default. Because that’s how it should be.


from the foregoing My feature request doesn’t seem to be possible at all. in january We’ve found a new trick that Chrome uses in case the new tab page doesn’t open after a full restore. If the device on which the browser is installed is a Chromebook, this conflicts with the software’s natural behavior in a way specific to Chrome OS and the fact that this is possible is incredible. I think the Chromium development team could make another exception to the rule if it meant improving the experience for Chromebook users, and I hope so.

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