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A giant shark swims near a boat caught on camera – NBC Boston

A giant shark seen in a video lurking around a tall ship off the Massachusetts coast has social media in chaos.

A prehistoric shark is swimming slowly. beside a boat full of research students As they screamed and gasped in shock.

Alex Albrecht, a marine biodiversity student and musician, captured this image from the SSV Corwith Cramer, just 100 miles off the coast of Wools Hole, Massachusetts.

The video has now been viewed virally more than 37 million times. [note: the video has explicit language] Since Albrecht posted Tuesday on TikTok

“Is that a megalodon?” one asked jokingly in the comments along with several others.

The megalodon is an extinct animal believed to be the largest shark and fish species ever. Some scientists estimate that an adult megalodon could be more than 30 feet long. Others argue the species could be more than 80 feet.

How about the real megalodon found off the coast of New England in 2021


Sharks aren’t mindless killers — they’re intelligent social creatures and play a key role in ocean ecosystems, but around the world, tens of millions of sharks are killed every year. Teach us more about why we should care about their fate. and what we can do to help them

No, the shark seen in the viral TikTok video has been identified as harmless. but still big

The basking shark is the second largest species and can grow up to 26 feet in length.

Albrecht said: “I am so grateful to share such an amazing creature with so many people. “I hope this will make people want to protect and conserve our ocean biodiversity.”

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