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A hidden video stirs up frustration at a secret dinner for the elite in Paris.

The investigation came after a TV report by Channel M6, which was aired on Friday, showed hidden cameras of two upscale restaurants full of maskless guests.

In the video, an undercover reporter enters a private dining club with shutters closed and is greeted by a white-gloved waitress. She was asked on behalf of whom she had been invited and was told: “Once you go through the door, there will be no more Covid.”

The Maitre d’été explains that the menu starts at € 160 (US $ 190) per person, for € 490 ($ 580) diners can sip on champagne while feasting on the foie gras and truffles. And Lang Gustine in ginger sauce

“We are considering possible allegations of harming and undeclared labor,”

; a Paris prosecutor’s spokesman told CNN on Monday. “We will examine whether the assembly violates sanitation rules and determine who organizes and potential participants.”

France closed all non-essential businesses last month, including restaurants, cafes, cinemas and clubs, as the country battled a third coronavirus infection.
French risk  COVID-19 'lost control' without stricter national measures - Macron

An additional “limited block” took effect last week, while President Emmanuel Macron warned the country was at risk. “Loss of control” from the epidemic

The video shows another dinner party, taking place in a lavish setting with large rugs and gilded paintings. The guests saw each other. “La bise” kissed each other on the cheek

The organizers seem to claim: “This week I dined in two or three so-called secret restaurants with a handful of ministers.

Due to the recognizable décor, the restaurant is listed as the Palais Vivienne, owned by Pierre-Jean Chalençon.

Chalençon’s lawyer released a statement on Sunday, admitting the distorted audio in the video was owned by his client. But he joked when he told the government ministers to attend the dinner.

The scandal has fueled the ire of many online people by the hashtag. #OnVeutLesNoms (We Want The Names) is trending on Twitter on Monday.

Government spokesman Gabriel Attal told the LCI news channel on Sunday that authorities have been reviewing reports of illegal parties for months and that there have been 200 suspects so far, “they will face severe punishment.” Attal added.

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