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A man arrested for bombing a mailbox in Mesa, Gilbert.

MESA, AZ — A Mesa man has been arrested after he admitted to bombing mailboxes in Gilbert and Mesa.

Mesa police said between March 12 and March 15, four postboxes were destroyed in Mesa and one in Gilbert using an unknown explosive device.

Officials said they had gathered evidence from recent incidents that led them to believe the explosives were consumer flares.

Surveillance video captured the car of the suspects at three different locations in Mesa.

during the investigation Authorities have used the police database to search for a reddish-brown Hyundai Sonata between 2006 and 201


Authorities said one of the cars was linked to John Janek, 40, who was also seen in social media posts. which makes and lights fireworks for consumers

Officers then obtained a search warrant and found he was at the site of the first Mesa incident and then at the Gilbert incident using Janecek’s phone records.

On April 15, 2021, Janek was detained and interrogated over the incident. which he denied. Janecek said he only had “material” he thought he shouldn’t have. So he demolished it, police said.

during the investigation The official said he continued to blame and would stop correcting himself.

The police received another search warrant. This time for his social media content. Officials said they found a message sent by Janecek saying “You must have lost a lot of your mailboxes.”

Janacek was then formally arrested on May 28, and during his arrest He told officials he apologized to the business owner from the first incident and paid him $30 to destroy the mailbox.

Mesa police said he had confessed to blowing up at least three mailboxes.

Janek was charged with five counts of first-degree burglary for “entering a non-residential building while possessing explosives,” five counts of disorderly conduct and possession of dangerous drugs.

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