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A man with his throat died after a verdict in a federal courtroom.

FARGO, ND (AP) – Federal officials said a man tried in Fargo, North Dakota slaughtered himself in a courtroom on Monday and died.

Marshal of Dallas Carlson in North Dakota of the United States said the incident came after a jury overturned a verdict of partial guilt against the man, who faced charges related to the Terrorism Carlson said the man had a sharp instrument, possibly made of plastic.

Carlson said the jury had left the courtroom. But Peter Welte, U.S. District Judge, courtroom staff and others saw the incident. Court guards and deputy police chiefs attempted to take life-saving measures in the courtroom.

FBI spokesman Kevin Smith said the man was acquitted on one of the charges and was found guilty of another and was about to be detained.

“He hurt himself after he heard the verdict and after the jury left the courtroom,”

; Smith said.

He did not know what charges the man was convicted of.

Court documents show that last week Welte chaired a jury trial for a man in North Dakota who was charged with malicious and negligent assault for alleged assault. Hit people with jeeps. He also faces horrific charges with charges of stigmatizing the weapons.

Welte on Monday submitted food court papers for a jury during the hearing.

Welte did not return messages in his room Thursday.

Smith said the FBI had opened an investigation.

“We need to formally document what happened in the federal courtroom today,” he said.

“Every question you have, we have. What are sharp objects? How to get into the courtroom?

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