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A new launch video shows scenes from China’s first mission to Mars.

The newly released video reveals the Chinese Mars rover traveling the world and the spacecraft’s heroic descent to the Red Planet’s surface.

Why is this important: The Zhurong rover was the first Chinese space agency to explore Mars. This makes it the only space agency besides NASA to successfully operate a rover on the planet.

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What happened: One of the new videos shows Zhurong backwards after taking off from the landing platform. which brought it down to the surface of Mars

  • The administration also released a video of the landing of the rover in May. by revealing the sound of a landing rover

  • Liu Jizhong, deputy commissioner of China̵

    7;s first Mars Exploration Programme, said: This includes the sound recorded when our Mars rover leaves the spacecraft. According to the translation of the interview from the CCTV

The big picture: NASA’s Perseverance rover landed on Mars in February. Records of the Red Planet hundreds of miles from Zhurong were recorded.

  • NASA Administrator Bill Nelson uses China’s Mars landing as an example of why the US It is necessary to continue to push its capabilities in space during parliamentary hearings in May.

  • Yes, but: Experts say the Chinese government does not see itself as competing with the United States. Instead, it focuses on using the space program and its abilities as a soft force to influence others in its region.

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