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A New Master and Commander in 20th Century Works – /Film

Nearly 20 years after Peter Weir’s seafaring adventures Grandmasters and Commanders: The Other Side of the World Sail into cinemas, 20th Century Studios is redeveloping. Grandmaster and Commander Movies This is what fans It took years to make a claim. But it seems that someone is not focused enough on the specifics when they ask their devil to grant them this wish. This new iteration doesn̵

7;t appear to be a sequel that brings back Russell Crowe and Paul Bettany. Instead, it will be a sequel that focuses on younger characters.

Schedule to deliver news that is new. Grandmaster and Commander The film is in the works this time with Chaos Walking and monster call writer Patrick Ness scripting There is no director or actor attached. But it seems unlikely that Crowe and Bettany will return. Although the original movie ended up perfectly. Which gives both the opportunity to come back to create an endless sequel.

20th Century Studios is reportedly going back to their character’s early days when Captain Jack Aubrey received his first orders and he became friends with naval surgeon Stephen Maturin. Patrick O’Brien’s novel and almost certainly brought in a new actor to star as Aubrey and Maturin.

i don’t know about you But I just panicked myself from seeing the new movie in progress to the extreme deflation that came to me when I knew this was going to be a prequel. I wasn’t quite ready to write the whole thing out yet – this idea could be proven under a great director and great casting – but after seeing the 2003 film in the Quarantine Stream column last year, I didn’t have to. and write how the movie should be. Launch of one of Hollywood’s greatest franchises. There is something bittersweet about the idea that this might happen. but no weir crow (Best performer in the first film) or Bettany was involved at all.

I love how the first movie puts the audience into the action and draws the audience into the world. a world where information about the relationships of the main characters gradually slowly drain And that deep friendship is evident without the need to explain the story behind it every time. in the worst situation What will this new version be like? Zoro: A Star Wars StoryCheck the box as it fills in every single reference and provide all the details that we don’t really need. (I don’t know if I can understand the fact that rich people Many people thought it was necessary for the audience to see that Han. Zoro got his name from him because he used to travel alone.)

Hollywood: Please Stop Making Everything Prequel And trust the audience to understand the basic concepts without having to hold our hand all the time.

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