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A new phone recording shows Giuliani extorting Ukraine for help in the campaign.

Rudy Giuliani is currently under federal investigation into his interactions with Ukrainian officials as former President Donald Trump’s personal envoy. The investigation is part of a broader investigation into Trump’s vague motives. in Ukraine Trump called in July 2019 against President Volodymyr. Zelensky of Ukraine Asking for a public investigation into his then-political rival Joe Biden and his son Hunter were stripped of being a veiled player. to get support from the US continuously That call eventually led to Trump̵

7;s impeachment. Ukraine’s claim that could lead to Giuliani’s death came three days earlier, on July 22, with CNN’s senior adviser to the president, Andriy Yermak, on Monday evening showing the audio of a phone call. Saw Giuliani pushing Yermak to announce Biden investigation.

The recording fills in the gaps from some accounts of the previously reported calls. During a 40-minute conversation with US diplomat Kurt Volker On the line too, Giuliani said of the baseless theory that UkraineIt was not Russia that meddled in the 2016 presidential election before pushing for Ukraine to publicly announce an investigation into the matter. which makes it more reliable “I received information from trusted investigators. international auditor that there was a certain amount of activity in Ukraine during the 2016 election … to dirty the candidates Trump and Paul Manafort,” Giuliani explained to Yermak on the call. George) Soros … Soros is clearly behind a lot of this.” Every time Soros’ name disappears. You know what will happen next will be nonsense.

Giuliani then turned to what Trump wanted from the Ukrainians. “All we need from the president. [Zelensky] In other words, I will send an honest prosecutor to take charge. He will investigate and excavate the evidence that exists today. And is there any other evidence of participation in the 2016 election? Then Biden’s matter must be over … Someone in Ukraine has to take it seriously,” Giuliani said. when that time Trump is preparing a rewritten narrative that rewrites the history of Joe Biden as vice president. and pushed Ukraine to fire the Attorney General for failing to prosecute corruption among elites in the country. Trump used the move to imply that Biden defended his son Hunter’s business interests.* However, Biden’s position at the time was the Obama administration and had bipartisan support in the House of Commons. Congress as well as US partners, including European and global financial institutions.

at the time of the call Ukraine is fighting Russian-backed separatist forces in the east of the country. And the Trump White House is trying to bolster its power over the newly elected Ukrainian president by suspending U.S. military aid. In the call, Giuliani explained that announcing a Biden-themed investigation would melt the ice on conspiracy theories. Such has weakened Kiev’s relationship with Trump. “That would really clear the air,” Giuliani explained, “and I think it would make it possible for me to come and make it possible. I think it’s for me to talk to the President (Trump) to see what I can do to make sure that any misunderstandings are cleared … I think this might be a good thing to have. much better relations.” Giuliani also suggested a possible meeting between Zelensky and Trump as a reward. Which is what the newly elected Ukrainian president is trying hard to support as the country ousts Moscow.

The call, as with many Trump calls, uses quid pro quo jargon while constantly avoiding explicit transactional language. He who is involved in state enterprises which provokes allies into action The language is reminiscent of state negotiations. The key difference is that Trump and Giuliani use America’s government and resources to leverage to achieve. personal, political favor from Ukraine This is not a commercial or military agreement. This is shaking

Correction, June 8, 2021: This post wrongly states that Trump accused Biden of working to protect Bo’s son’s business interests. Trump accused Biden of working to protect his son Hunter’s business interests.

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