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A ship thought to spy Iran was attacked in the Red Sea.

A Iranian ship thought to be used by Iran’s top military forces was attacked on Tuesday near the Saudi-Yemeni waters, both US and Iranian officials said, clearly escalating the conflict between Iran and its enemies in the region.

Saviz’s attack, believed by US officials and others in the region for intelligence gathering by Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Force, was attacked on Tuesday on the Red Sea, officials said. The attack came as international talks to revive the Iran-US nuclear deal started in Vienna.

The attack follows revelations last month reported by The Wall Street Journal that Israel has been targeting ships carrying fuel and weapons from Iran to Syria in the past 18 months. According to at least a dozen journal reports.

It was not clear who attacked Saviz, Israeli officials declined to comment.

“We are aware of media reports of an incident involving Saviz in the Red Sea,”

; a Pentagon spokeswoman said. “We can confirm that no US forces were involved in the incident. We don’t have any additional information to provide. ”

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