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A sinkhole bigger than a football stadium has emerged in Mexico — and it’s still growing.

Massive sinkholes that form on farmland in central Mexico are growing steadily and are swallowing brick houses and cinders.

The sinkhole first appeared in the town of Santa Maria Zacatepec in the Mexican state of Puebla. east of mexico city last month and continues to expand

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related news agencies Reportedly, this huge hole is more than 400 feet wide, which is larger than a football field. And the houses on the ground are starting to collapse.

Families living in the home were evacuated.

“It was a very difficult time for us. It hurts because this is all we have,” Magdalena Xalamigua Xopillacle, who lives in the house, told the news agency.

“Sometimes we feel sick from a lot of sadness,” she said.

The sinkhole measured about 1

6 feet in diameter when it first appeared. It then expanded rapidly over the course of hours and days. The Associated Press reports that the edge of the hole is about 50 feet deep, and the bottom is filled with water that looks like a strong current.

While some villagers say the sinkhole could be the result of overuse of groundwater by local factories. Officials said the cause could be an underground river.

Officials have advised residents to stay away from the area and confiscate their land with the soldiers.

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