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A snapshot of Texas after being eliminated from the Big 12 Tournament.

At the end of today’s game, the Longhorns No. 1 (42-15) might feel like they are on the road in a great region. Led by a couple of notable performances by relegation from the Bull Pains in order, Texas and No. 4 seed, Oklahoma State (35-16-1) played a very tight Big 12 Tournament game. Back and forth and highly competitive in front of Big. A powerful crowd in Oklahoma City

Unfortunately for the Longhorns, they came briefly when freshman defender Aaron Nixon walked away without anyone noticing a packed base at the top of the ninth inning and Texas failed to tie the game. At the bottom of the nine, a 5-4 loss put Texas in the big 12 races.

“I don’t feel like we are losing momentum. I feel we are still a confident team, ”David Pierce said when asked if his team was driven by performance in Oklahoma City. We will do a good job of making some adjustments that they have to adjust. But I don̵

7;t know if we are getting a lot of momentum. But we are sure that we are not allergic to anything. “

I’ll take a more overview approach in this post-game column, in addition to some responses from today’s game:

– Texas locked up as the nation’s eighth seed It would be a shock if the Longhorns were out of that position on Monday when the stadium was revealed at 11am on ESPN2, being around in 12 major tournaments with a few wins gave the Tek’s chances. Cus was stronger to be somewhere between No. 2 and No. 4 overall.

— Today was a step in the right direction for Kolby Kubichek.Pierce noted after the game that he pleased Kubichek being knocked early and responded with a strong performance until a few. People chased him out of the game in a fifth inning when OSU made a 4-2 lead in a single two-off, two-hitting RBI on the ball, breaking a 1-2 quality from Jared Southard.

Kubichek in particular throws his transformation with the most confidence I have ever seen and there were moments when it was a good pitch, swing and miss compared to winger.Kubichek was better than his line – 4.1 innings. Four earned runs, four hits, two walks, two hits – suggested, but he’s not great either. It’s at least another small step for the Texas pitcher who needs this season.

– Pierce noted after today’s game, Ivan Melendez, who did not play today, threw up four times, give or take in last night’s game. So today is a mental and physical holiday for seasoned fighters, making a brutal journey to Oklahoma City with nine lashes in three games. Melendez’s back is backing away from him in his swing and he really lacks confidence in the box. When he does his best, he will attack and let the more confident bat rip through the strike zone.

“He wanted that,” Pierce said of Melendez’s holiday today, “and last night in the game I thought he threw four times in a dugout. So he was beaten pretty well as well. Then you put in as many punches mentally as he does. It was a tough weekend for Ivan. But you know, he just has to trust himself. He had to go back there and know why he was good. And I think his confidence in and out is too much. A hitter who hits and believes they can hit is a great hitter and he has to be locked into thinking he is one of the best in the country compared to, you know, look the other way. ”

— After the 3.0 outstanding innings today, in which he gave up only one, walked one and hit four, Cole Quintanilla was not allowed to run his last 10.0 innings. He gave his all to Texas at the right moment. As for Nixon, I didn’t sweat at all from his performance. He is a very strong competitor mentally. Offer for sale in situations where leverage is high enough and things like this will happen from time to time.

– Longhorns made 47 hits in four Big 12 Tournaments 47. You’re kidding yourself if you don’t think it’s an area Texas needs to adapt to fix quickly. But you’re kidding, too, if you thought Texas didn’t face a great pitching throughout the entire event, it happened.

In my opinion, Texas was too dormant in the hitter’s box and left the opponent’s pitch too often to dictate the behavior of the bat and the rhythm of the game …

Read the rest of this post-game column and talk to Texas Baseball within 40 acres.

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