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A storm spawns in Mississippi kills a driver in Georgia.

YAZOO CITY, Miss. (AP) – A violent storm that spawned several tornadoes moved across the South on Monday, damaging homes and trees uprooted from Mississippi to Kentucky. A tornado found in Atlanta left thousands in search of shelter, and a man was killed when a tree fell, causing power lines to come to his car.

The motorist died after firefighters cut him from a car in Douglasville, Georgia, just west of Atlanta, Douglas County spokesman Rick Martin told reporters. Other details were not immediately disclosed.

The first inclement weather in Mississippi on Sunday, south of Yazoo township Vickie Savell, was left with the remnants of a brand new mobile home that she and her husband moved eight days ago. It was lifted from the foundation and moved about 25 feet (8 meters). It was demolished.

“Oh my god, my first new home in 40 years and it̵

7;s gone,” she said Monday, amid the treetops of the neighborhood and the sound of electric saws as people work to clear the streets.

Savel is not at home to go to church. But her husband, Nathan, drove home and fell in front of a truck as the nearby house was destroyed. Then he watched his new home blow by, he said.

Nearby Garry McGinty recalled that staying home listened to the chirping of birds and then went quiet. He looked outside and saw an ominous dark cloud and took refuge in the hall, he said.He survived, but a tree crashed into his car park, two vehicles and beside his house.

Severe storms swept through the state on Sunday afternoon and into the night. Late Sunday, a “tornado emergency” was announced for Tupelo and the surrounding area.

Image retweeted By the National Weather Service in Memphis, many downed trees and wires were shown. Tupelo High School was damaged, as did homes and businesses.

There were several reports of home damage on Elvis Presley Drive, just steps from the home where the famous singer was born.Presley was born in a two-room home in the Tupelo neighborhood. But there was no indication that the old house was damaged. Now a museum

Just down the road, a tornado tore the roof off Terrille and Chaquilla Pulliam’s home, they told the North Mississippi Daily Journal.About 10 family members took over the home and “we got them all in just in time,” Terrille Pulliam said.

Calhoun County Sheriff Greg Pollan said the city of Calhoun “was hit as well.

“The light pole has been broken. A few trees in the house Trees on vehicles Damage to many businesses Fortunately, we don’t have any reports of injuries at the moment, ”Pollan posted on Facebook..

“I can’t remember my neighborhood anymore,” resident Martha Edmund told the Northeast Mississippi Daily after a tree drilled holes in her roof causing heavy water damage. Two metal manufacturing companies’ locations were badly damaged.

The news agency also reported tornadoes near Yasu, Byram and Tchula on Sunday.

As the system moved east, the storm damaged homes in Kentucky early Monday, and the tornado watched all day, covering most of Alabama and Georgia.

In South Carolina, at least one tornado was reported Monday afternoon in Abbeville County.The tornado appeared to have been on the ground for miles, according to the National Weather Service warnings.There were no immediate reports of injuries. In Greenwood, downed trees and wires were reported as tents were blown over cars at a car dealership. Many locations report golf ball-sized hail.

In the town of Tompkinsville In southern Kentucky, a severe storm Monday morning damaged many homes and knocked down trees and power lines, said fire chief Kevin Jones. He said there were no reports of injuries.

National weather officials confirmed a tornado in western Atlanta was near the point of death among motorists. Tornadoes are slated to have a maximum winds of 90 mph (145 kph) with 1.5 miles (2.4 km) of trails running at least 10 houses with trees on it.

The same thunderstorm sent thousands of people to shelter in the central Atlanta area and could cause at least one more tornado to the southwest of downtown. Atlanta firefighters have responded to multiple calls for trees, the Atlanta Fire Rescue said in a statement on Monday. No major injuries were reported, although more than 20,000 Georgians lost their strength for one. There were also reports of tornado damage in areas surrounding Athens.

Warm and humid air masses arose because upper-level turbulence moved across the area, exposed to the storm over Mississippi, said Mike Edmonston, a national meteorologist in Mississippi.

“The ingredients are sufficient for the development of severe storms,” ​​he said. Three survey teams from the weather service are preparing to assess the damage in Mississippi, he said.

Forecasters said there were more storms in parts of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia on Tuesday. Tuesday’s storm could bring winds of up to 70 mph (113 kph) and hail the size of a golf ball, forecasters said, noting that. “The tornado is likely from Tuesday to Tuesday evening” in parts of Mississippi.


Associated Press Writer Jeff Martin in Marietta, Georgia; Jeff Amy in Atlanta; Becky Jonker in Simpsonville, Kentucky; And Julie Walker in New York City contributed to this report.

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