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A Wisconsin pharmacist allegedly using the Covid-19 vaccine has lost his license.

MILWAGEE – The state board on Wednesday suspended a Wisconsin pharmacist license accused of destroying more than 500 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine because he thought it was unsafe.

Steven Brandenburg was working at Advocate Aurora Health in Grafton about 20 miles north of Milwaukee when he was arrested last month after an investigation into 57 bottles of Moderna vaccine.He was not charged with felony. The status meeting, in this case, is scheduled for Tuesday.

Aurora Medical Center in Grafton, Wis.Google Maps

The Wisconsin Pharmacy Examiner, respectively, said Brandenburg was unable to practice the pharmaceutical profession at the time of the suspension. Said Brandenburg agreed to take action. “To focus”

; on the allegations that may arise against him.

Brandenburg’s attorney, Jason Baltz, did not respond to a telephone message Wednesday evening by The Associated Press.

Jeff Bahr, chief medical group officer for Aurora Health Care, said Brandenburg admits he deliberately removed the bottle from the refrigerator at Grafton Medical Center.

One investigator wrote in a statement of possible reasons that Brandenburg, 46, was an accepted conspiracy theorist, and he told investigators he was deliberately trying to destroy the vaccine because it could hurt people by altering the DNA.

Inaccurate information about the Covid-19 vaccine has been increased online, with false claims about the vaccine’s ingredients and potential side effects.

One of the earliest mistaken claims suggested that vaccines could alter DNA. Pfizer and biotech vaccines, as well as Moderna vaccines rely on RNA, or mRNA, a new technology used in vaccines that experts have been running for years.

The MRNA vaccine trains the immune system to identify proteins on the surface of the corona virus and generate the immune response. Experts say there is no truth in the claim that the vaccine can modify human genetics.

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