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A zebra cobra stripped in Raleigh, NC as a neighbor’s pet.


Residents of the Raleigh neighborhood North Carolina Woke up on Tuesday to the news that a zebra cobra had escaped.

The zebra cobra is not native to the state. In fact, it is not even native to the country. The zebra cobra is native to Africa, according to the African Snake Bite Institute. Snakes are often shy and choose to flee. Even if the snake enters the corner It will bite or spit quickly. Its venom can cause tissue damage or death.

The zebra cobra is nocturnal and has black vertical stripes. They often have black or dark brown heads.

Local residents told WRAL-TV they didn’t know a neighbor was keeping a zebra cobra as a pet. They said they were worried about their children. and their pets are special

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“It was quite shocking,” Mark Pavlic, who lives there in the neighborhood, told WRAL. “It looked like a very dangerous snake. And dogs love to smell the grass and check things out. It is a matter of great concern.”

according to the laws of the state of North Carolina As long as the owner keeps the reptile in a cage that prevents escape. Possessing vipers is not illegal. The law states that the owner must have a if the animal can escape. including the location of the appropriate antivenin

Police advise villagers to call 911 if they find a snake.

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