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Aaron Rodgers’ Green Bay Packers teammate

GREEN BAY, Wis. — Aaron Rodgers hasn’t lost the support of his best friend and two teammates as the conflict with the Green Bay Packers continues, with his absence from mini-camp. team compulsory

All pros Davante Adams and David Bakhtiari have supported their defenders while making sure not to criticize the organization they are still contractually bound by.

“I’m here to help with everything. so he knows in the end If there is any doubt that he lost a teammate or something because of all that happened. He knows where I stand,” Adams said on Tuesday. “I would stand on the mountain and scream at the top of the mountain that I got his back.”

Adams added that he did not think siding with Rodgers that he needed to criticize the organization.

“I think any GM, president, owner, they want the kind of guy who supports their players. Especially for players like that,” Adams said. “That̵

7;s just a good habit. It’s not that I’m saying ‘Forget the front desk’ like I don’t respect what they’re going on.”

For Adams, his first appearance in Green Bay since the offseason began. He skipped the OTA practice but said he did not organize sanctions on recipient groups. All of the top five returning receivers won’t be around until this week’s compulsory minicamp. Even if you join now Adams didn’t do much in practice. instead of working out to the side

The left tackle Buckley, who spent part of his armament range at the Kentucky Derby, said he would not try to convince Rodgers’ decision to return to the Packers.

“For me, I care about Aaron Rodgers from a friend’s point of view,” Bucktieri said. no matter how the situation turns out I will never be angry with him. that’s my friend That’s someone I admire. and he did things So much for this organization and so much for me individually.

“Now as a teammate I’d be stupid to say I don’t want my MVP back. He was the league’s MVP last year. He has done amazing things in terms of defenders. position of our defender But definitely not just for the franchise.”

Bakhtiari, who is leaving the torn ACL on December 31 and working out to the side during training, said he had told Rodgers he would support him in whatever decision he made.

“I’ve said to him like, ‘You know, whatever happens, listen, it’s out of my control. [and] The situation is between you and the organization. And that’s what’s going to last,'” Bactieri said. “’I don’t want to get involved in that at any time. I respect you as a friend and no matter what happens I won’t take anything personally.”

Packers coach Matt LaFleur would not say whether the team would apologize for Rodgers’ absence from the minicamp and thereby waive the fines he incurred. The Packers were able to fine Rodgers $93,085, missing the base for three days. The fine for missing on the first day of the camp was $15,515, the next $31,030 on Wednesday and $46,540 on Thursday.

Four of the Packers’ players have left the minicamp due to the COVID protocol: Preston Smith, Za’Darius Smith, Elgton Jenkins and Dean Lowry.

However, Rodgers is the only player to be considered a minicamp. For the first time in his career he skipped compulsory mini-camps.

“You want everyone to come here,” LaFleur said. “It is what it is, human and we will focus. And we will control and work with those who are here. and try to help them become the best for their abilities. and coach them away from them.”

Without Rodgers, the Packers have provided most of Jordan Love’s No. 1 defender, just as they had during the OTA on Tuesday. Love had problems with accuracy. Missed throws many times and failed in a single attempt in a two-minute training session.

“He needs every agent he can right now,” LaFleur said of Love. “He was a young quarterback who didn’t have a pre-season fee last year. So we will give him as much as he can. We will spell him periodically. But I just think that every agent he has taken is valuable. and he can learn something from both good and evil.”

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