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Aaron Rodgers opting out is unlikely by July 2.

NFL: 03 Jan. Packers at Bears.

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One of the most surprising stories in the slow first week of the NFL season comes from the 2021 opt-out rules. The Packers can stand up to the rest of the coming season. There are no financial obligations for teams not playing this year.

The $11.5 million signing bonus allotment for this year will not be forfeited. His $6.8 Million Roster Bonus which was received in March It will likely continue to be paid weekly during the regular season. This puts him in a better position than many players who actually play. after the season He should have traded

The problem, as explained by one source with knowledge of the dynamics, is this: with a July 2 deadline and with an irrevocable decision, Rodgers will not be ready to retire this year in just five days.

Then the fact that If in the end he chooses to stay away He could lose $18.3 million, a figure as high as $20.3 million when charged daily for skipping the boot camp. As the source explained There is confidence that Rodgers will be able to avoid playing without paying the Packers any money.

Although the boot camp fines are not exempt, Packers can’t easily remove those amounts from his game check. if he never received the fine again And while the $6.8 million roster bonus payout is due to Rodgers on a weekly basis. They wouldn’t pay that money if he wasn’t there.

Ultimately, the question is whether the Packers will be allocated a $11.5 million signing bonus and/or a $2 million fine. Again, there is no certainty that Rodgers will never be forced to write a check back to the Packers.

One possible strategy comes from the possibility of retirement due to football injuries. The idea is that retirement before camp will suspend all rights that Packers will face any fines or forfeits. And it will still leave the team to ask for a $6.8 million bonus, according to the source. It will be very easy for a 16-year veteran who has undergone multiple surgeries to retire, citing accumulated wear and tear from gaming. Then, by 2022, he may not be able to retire. He explained that the semester break made him feel rejuvenated. good health, etc.

With all of that said, Rodgers did nothing to set up a potential excuse that “I just got hit.” It would have been easy for him to change that mindset through a little media presence. The closest he did came during an upcoming golf tournament interview with Tom Brady, Phil Mickelson and Bryson DeChambeau, when Rodgers jokingly told Mickelson that the defender wanted to intimidate the golfer with compelling calf muscles. Impressive, but one of Rodgers’ calf muscles no longer looks impressive after the injury.

The simple fact is that this is not about Rodgers money. If you don’t want to play, don’t play. If there is a seven or eight figure charge, that’s fine.

The bottom line? The idea was that the opt-out deadline came too soon. And the consequences are too permanent for Rodgers to go that route in 2021, so the beautiful mystery will continue until late July at the earliest when Rodgers does or doesn’t go to training camp – and when he might. retired for one season before retiring after

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