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Aaron Rodgers said, ‘It is something that needs serious consideration.’

The Green Bay Packers seem to have no intention of trading Aaron Rodgers, which would give the youngster a different option: retirement.

Rodgers has told some at the organization that he does not want to return to Packers, ESPN reported Thursday night. The rumors that Rodgers wanted created a buzz hours before this draft. But nothing happened, Green Bay general manager Brian Gutekunst said Thursday night there was no situation in which the organization would be trading the 2020 NFL MVP.

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The ball appears to be in Rodgers’ court.

As reported by the NFL Network on Friday, Rodgers will have to pay the Packers millions of his signing bonus if he decides to retire. The defender is reported to have to pay $ 1

1.5 million this year if he retires and another $ 11.5 million next year if he chooses to retire.

In addition, the NFL reports that “unless the situation is repaired to his will, this is a serious consideration.”

National Insider of NFL Network Ian Rapoport also reports that Rodgers’ agent Dave Dunn also helped manage Carston Palmer’s sudden resignation from the NFL and Cincinnati Bengals to allow him to join the Arizona Cardinals only.

Rodgers did not make a public statement, saying he wanted to leave Green Bay.

AARON RODGERS was not traded amid QUARTERBACK reports ‘not satisfied’, GM said.

He told ESPN on April 2 the future would be as dark as he entered the 2021 season.

“So far, it’s definitely my team, I said last year, I don’t know if I can actually finish there, I still feel that’s where we are, I don’t know if. A lot is in my hands, I guess we’ll see as we go, ”Rodgers said.

When ESPN made the announcement, Kenny Mayne asked Rodgers to say he wanted to be a packer for the rest of his life. Ken, you and I both know that’s not the way to work.

The Packers paid Rodgers’ $ 6.8 million roster bonus last month, instead of restructuring to maximize space when Green Bay moved into the offseason.

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Rodgers has won the 2020 NFL MVP.He has scored 48 touchdowns in the league with 4,299 yards and just five interceptions. He hasn’t picked more than eight shows in one season since 2010.

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