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Aaron Rodgers said something about his situation.

Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears

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Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers let his fingers speak.

Rodgers, who hadn’t said anything about his situation with the footballers, clicked the “Like” button in a tweet on Monday from receiver Davante Adams, which created a stir: “Thanks to what you got. As you get it! “

It was unclear if Adams was saying that he might not have one of the greatest defenders of all time who passed the ball for him any longer, or whether. (Looking broader in the situation) Football and their fans should be prepared for what is to come, as Rodgers might. Will go on

Or maybe it has nothing to do with football at all. Often times, such general observations can be considered meaningful only when they might not. Sometimes players are fully intent on letting those common words deliver a specific message, while being able to tell later that they didn’t do such a thing, even if they did.

After all, maybe that’s why Rodgers likes to tweet.If that’s what Adams is doing, he might have learned the move from Rodgers.

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